How Music Helps Footballers on the Pitch

By Mitch Rice

Football is one of the biggest sports in the world, if not the biggest, and when you think about the sport, music is embedded in it. From chants around the terraces to pre-game stadium music and pictures of players arriving at the ground with headphones in and their favourite songs playing.

There are many that believe music helps footballers on the pitch, allowing them to relax and put in better performances. This will be of note to those using online betting offers to place bets on games, music may give players and particular teams an advantage.

How Music Can Affect Footballers

Studies have been undertaken to look at footballers, their performance and the music they listen to. Music can be used specifically by footballers for two main reasons, and depending on the player, this will vary.

Music can first be used to calm players, help them to relax and not worry about the game ahead. If you see pictures of footballer arriving at the ground ahead of a big game with headphones on, then this is exactly what they are trying to achieve.

In big tournaments such as the Champions League, players travel all over Europe to games and when they are on the even of a big game, they need a way of taking their mind of things, music offers that. Players can play their own personal favourites here, but that may not always be the case in the dressing room, where music has a different purpose.

This is often where teams and players will get themselves pumped up for a fixture, so here you will often hear very upbeat music, with many choosing to listen to rap as their genre of choice. With so many opinions here, often we see a team have a player who deals with the playlist and selects the music they want to play.

We have seen some footballers move onto work with musicians and try to carve out a career after football, it would be no surprise to know many of these were essentially dressing room DJs. The responsibility of choosing what music is played often lands on the shoulders of one of the more experienced heads in the dressing room, often a leader.

Fans will often get a little insight into what the musical tastes of the team are by listening to the music that is played during warm up over the PA in the ground. This is something that is done to work in conjunction with what the players like and what they are listening to prior to the game.

When warming up, that period of time is right before a game when players are preparing for their contest, so an incredibly important time and one where everything needs to be in their favour. Football is a sport played by individuals, but as a collective team, they need to be together and ready, music is a great tool and one used by the majority of teams and players to accomplish this.