Importance of Music in Students Lives

By Mitch Rice

The ability to reflect is very important for a modern student. This is partly conveyed through music – while we listen to our favorite songs, we think.

To write a good musical essay, let us think about the inalienability of music in our lives today.

It is impossible to imagine our lives without music. We encounter it at every turn: at concerts, on television, on the radio, at festivals and funerals, and even while write my essay process. Born with mankind, music is as much a product of human thought as anything created by man, and the same laws apply here. As in any field of spiritual life, the dialectic of art, and thus of music, is the continuation and development of the dialectic of nature.

What do we know about the source of music?

What kind of amazing power lurks in music? Since ancient times people thought about it, many amazing legends were created about the amazing and magical effect of music on man.

Even in Ancient Greece, music was given a central place in education. In medieval treatise on education, said that the man who cannot play a musical instrument and does not understand music, deficient in mental attitude.

How does music effect on people’s mind?

It has long been noted that among children of equal mental capacity, the one who was taught to play an instrument from an early age is the one who thinks and develops the most successfully.

The human brain is capable of perceiving music from birth, and it is a kind of pre-language.

Early music education is an effective means of mental and intellectual development, it helps to activate higher brain functions and abstract thinking in particular, it can help to correct delays in psychomotor development, treat autism, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Early music education provides access to the innate neural mechanisms responsible for the perception, understanding, and reproduction of music, and extends their use to the education of other higher brain functions.

Studies have shown a special role in brain maturation for the involvement of the fingers of the hand. This is due to the greatest representation in the cortex of the large hemispheres of the hand. For the reception of simple immediate emotions, the hand as the organ of touch has advantages even in comparison to vision and hearing. In early childhood, “the hand teaches the eye.”

Music influences the child’s soul. Early immersion in music contributes to the discovery of his creative personality, gives him the opportunity to express himself.

Music, like literature and painting, expands familiarity with the world, helps you better understand history, imbued with the spirit of an era.

Why does family support matter?

It is very important that in teaching a child to play an instrument was interested not only the teacher, but also the parents. Music is addressed art.

Parents, even if they did not have the chance to own an instrument, bringing your child to music school, if only to go along with their child all the stages of learning.

The interest and benefit that the child receives from music lessons largely depends on the interest of the parents. You shouldn’t push children too hard, but do not need to easily put up with their refusal to learn anything. The little boy must fearlessly meet difficulties; it is the parents’ job to make sure that they form, not destroy the personality. We should not act like those parents who are actively engaged with their child until about the age of six, and then hand over the baton to school and monitor their child’s progress as if from afar. The baby feels abandoned, abandoned, he does not understand what the reason for this change in treatment of him, and withdraws into himself.

Parents should go together with the child to concerts, to the theater, listen to “live music. No means of fixing technology can reproduce those flashes of the “voltaic arc” of art, when there is a momentary touch to the truth.


Music even today professes the oldest of its precepts – to be a revelation of the senses, a revelation of knowledge of the deep world of man. Writing an essay on music is extremely useful, because it allows the author to learn how to clearly and competently formulate thoughts, structure information, use basic concepts, highlight causal relationships, illustrate experience with relevant examples, and argue their conclusions.