Biggest Slot Gaming Organisations

Over the last century the slot gambling industry has grown to become by far the biggest facet of the overall casino gambling world, and as many analysts will tell you, slot gambling accounted for over 30% of all global gambling revenue in 2020. When you factor in other forms of gambling such as bingo and sports betting this is truly ludicrous, but in reality it is all down to the amazing work put in by slot gaming organisations such as NetEnt and Microgaming. You might also want to try high RTP games, play Shamans Dream slot.

It is such a healthy and competitive industry that there are new online slot developers being established left right and centre, all intent on getting as many customers as they possibly can. This has resulted in all manner of new and exciting technologies, with things like Big Time Gaming’s Megaways technology blowing the industry wide open. Want to know what some of the biggest slot gaming organisations are? Keep on reading! 

Why is slot gaming so popular?

Just quickly first, it’s important to list a few reasons why slot gambling is so popular, as it will make it easier to see how some of these slot gaming organisations have become so popular. One key thing about slot gambling is that you can do it completely by yourself, with no need for opponents or dealers.

Another thing is that the basic framework of slot gambling allows for many new ideas and innovations, which is why developers can make 1000s of different types of games – online slot gambling just never gets boring! 

A brief timeline of the slots industry 

The history of the slots industry is full of interesting events, and tracking it will give you a healthy context on which to understand the development of slot gaming organisations. Here’s a brief overview: 

  1.       Late 1800s: Charles D. Fey unveils the world’s first commercially successful slot machine – the Liberty Bell.
  2.       Post WWII: Gambling is legalised in many countries, and slot machine production can emerge from the illegal underground.
  3.       1960s: New technology results in electronic slot machines being the standard.
  4.       1980s: Invention of the RNG results in the video slot explosion.
  5.       21st Century: Online slots are created, need we say anymore…

The biggest old-school slot gaming organisations 

When talking about the biggest slot gaming organisations it is important to make a distinction between the 20th century juggernauts, and more modern ones. Here are some of the biggest old-school slot gaming organisations: 

  •         Bally: One of the originators in the slot machine world, Bally have been creating top-tier machines since 1968.
  •         IGT: IGT were launched in 1971, and quickly rose to prominence as a result of their iconic Las Vegas Megabucks machine.
  •         Barcrest: If it weren’t for Barcrest we wouldn’t have the Rainbow Riches slot series, and by extension of that the Irish slot theme would be way less popular too.

The biggest modern online slot gaming organisations

Here are some of the modern powerhouses of the online slot industry:

  •         NetEnt: You just cannot beat NetEnt when it comes to slots, and they are deservedly the top developer in the world right now.

·         Microgaming: Microgaming are a colossal slots company in the 21st century, best known for their amazing Progressive Jackpot Network.