Is background music important to casino players?

By Mitch Rice

Everyone knows that music can have a huge effect on the mood and atmosphere in a room. This effect is one of the main reasons why people listen to music in the first place. A certain track might make you happy, excited, or nostalgic; some even like to hear songs that make them sad. Music is intrinsically linked to thought, memory, and emotion. It stands to reason then that some music amplifies the casino experience, and also by extension when gambling online.

Music at the casino

Studies have shown that music directly influences the behaviour of players when gambling. A nonclinical sample of 101 students were set a gambling based task while either low tempo or high tempo music played in the background. Surprisingly, the results showed that people gambled more often during the low tempo music suggesting that a relaxed environment encouraged betting. On the flip side, higher tempo music encouraged a faster reaction time per bet. This means, the faster the music, the faster players tended to bet in an effort not to be left behind.

Increased thrills when gambling with music

The aforementioned paragraph is interesting for casino operators when selecting the soundtrack for their establishments. When gamblinglive casino online or at home with friends, players have complete control over. In this situation, it is generally agreed that the right music can amplify the emotions that gambling inherently invokes. Some classic gambling tracks include:

  • The Gambler by Kenny Rogers is the must-listen song when it comes to gambling. It is a little clichéd by now but a true classic regardless.
  • Ace of Spades by Motorhead is another gambling song that is a little overdone, but when you’re in the zone, and the cards are going your way, it doesn’t get much better than this.
  • Casino Boogie by the Rolling Stones might not talk specifically about gambling, but the group is famous for visiting Monte Carlo casinos when this album was recorded.
  • Poker Face by Lady Gaga is another track that isn’t explicitly about the popular card game but makes a great accompaniment to a night of entertainment anyway.
  • Viva Las Vegas is the quintessential Las Vegas track by the late Elvis Presley, capturing all the glamour of this exciting gambling town.

Other ways to enjoy music while gambling.

Some poker players choose to wear headphones at high stakes tables to minimise outside distractions and focus solely on their cards. This is also a popular option when mobile gambling so the outside world can be completely blocked out to concentrate on the action. Modern online slots come with exhilarating soundtracks, though they can be turned off to hear your own playlists instead.

Final word

Whether it’s fast or slow, live or recorded, many people prefer to gamble in casinos while background music is playing. The same can be said when betting at home on a desktop computer or mobile device. Music plays a critical role in both scenarios to heighten the enjoyment of having a huge win, or at least maximising players’ enjoyment when the cards or reels just aren’t going their way.