List of Fragile Tiles: And Where to Use

By Mitch Rice

Tiles are one of the most used home appliances used all over the world. It has traveled through a lot of time, still upholding its appeal. There are various tiles used for various purposes. They got different properties and functionalities. In the following article, we are going to discuss various types of fragile tiles that are used widely.

Where to Use Fragile Tiles?

The fragile tiles are very prone to cracking. Therefore they are not very durable and cannot be used where there is high traffic. They are mostly used for decorating purposes. Your walls and backsplashes can get amazingly attractive when these tiles are installed. As these tiles are less dense and lightweight, they are mostly used as wall tiles. However, if these tiles are installed on the floor, more maintenance is required. For floors, you should go for more durable tiles.

List of Fragile Tiles & Uses

Glass tiles

The glass tiles are known as staining resistance tiles. They are non-porous; therefore, moisture contents and fumes cannot cause damage to them easily. Moreover, they possess attractive colors and a nice glossy finish that can brighten up a room effortlessly. Although they can get chipped easily, that’s why they made it to our list. Places with less traction like backsplash walls or fireplaces can get amazing benefits with these tiles.

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles have been around for a very long time, and they are here to stay. It can provide your home with a very modern contemporary look. Cement tiles can possess various unique designs, colors, and patterns. However, these tiles are considerably porous, which made them attract dirt and fumes. Regular scrubbing and sealing are highly recommended for this reason. These tiles can be very dense and heavy, which poses severe installation problems. And they can develop fractures when installed in heavy traffic areas.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are very creative and attractive in terms of design. It can either consist of the same material or a mixture of different tile materials. They also come in various shapes, colors and sizes. Generally, a number of small tiles are set upon a sheet to create mosaic tiles. It provides an accent in the whole room. Besides being fragile depending on the materials used, it can get dated quite easily. Therefore, before selecting your mosaic tiles, keep in mind what your space requirements are.

Limestone Tiles

Limestone tiles are a kind of natural stone tiles. It presents the room with a rustic, earthy look. They are not as hard as other stone tiles, so it is comfortable to step on. However, high traffic can cheap the tiles if not maintained properly. Natural tiles are very porous; therefore, it requires regular maintenance and sealing to prevail for ages to come.

Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are a kind of limestone tiles that were formed due to contact with natural springs and caves. It can be found in various colors and textures. It presents the room with a very natural pristine look. It possesses a timeless look which is very evident from the various ancient architecture of the Roman empire. It has a high tolerance to water and moisture contents. Therefore, these tiles are very popular where water exposure is high. The maintenance of natural stone tiles is also applicable for these tiles.

Resin Tiles

Resin tiles are one of the most used tiles to combine various styles. It can provide you with any design and pattern as you can imagine. It can mimic 3D patterns and the look of water and stone. However, as well as getting easily cheaped, these tiles can get yellowish over time when exposed to sunlight. These tiles are great to use in washrooms and mudrooms. Also, they can be used as backsplashes and accent pieces.

Onyx Tiles

Onyx tiles are another natural stone tile. They are made of calciferous materials and mimic the look of marble tiles. The mineral density of these tiles presents such an elegant look that can easily enhance the beauty of your living room. However, it’s much more fragile than marble tiles. Onyx tiles come in a number of different characteristics which determine their use. They can be installed indoors where traffic is light. They should be installed on dry surfaces and be taken professional care to preserve them for ages.

There are a lot of options when you are considering tiles for decorating. However, decoration tiles can be pretty fragile and should be handled with utmost care. When installed right, tiles can prevail in their amazing looks for years to come. With proper sealing and maintenance, even fragile tiles can last for ages. However, if required, tiles can be replaced easily. If you are considering using fragile tiles, consider using them on the walls rather than on the floor. Thus, your precious home can uphold the great look and keep you comfy within it.