Three Musicians known for their skills in Gambling

By Mitch Rice

Music and gambling are always similar to each other and the two compliments each other quite well as they both seek to entertain and give joy to their players. These two entertaining industries only offer pleasure and joy to their users in different ways.

Due to the significant connection between gambling and music, it should come as no surprise when we see the two being implemented together. This can be seen as several artists have made their love for gambling known to the world, and united states online casino has some information about it.

In the last few years or decade, many popular artists made their gambling habits known to the public, and they seem to love both music and gambling at the same time. In regards to this, we will be taking a look at few famous musicians that were known for their skills in gambling.


If you’ve been a rock music fan a long time, you should have heard of the name Lemmy. And even if you hadn’t, you should know about the notorious legendary rock band, Motorhead. Lemmy is known as the founder, lead singer, bassist and songwriter of this legendary rock band.

While Lemmy is known for his passion for music, the rock band singer is also quite passionate about gambling. He was often seen showcasing his skills in playing several card games, and many slot machines. He is passionate about gambling. He didn’t stop at expressing his skills whenever he visits a casino, Lemmy expressed his passion for gambling in many songs popularly known in the gambling world. His popular track “Ace of Spade” is considered an anthem in the world of gambling.

Jay Z

You should’ve also heard of the name Jay Z, who is one of the most popular artists in the music industry this century. But he also has another identity, and that is being a famous gambler. The American rapper could be said to be building an empire as he considered an entrepreneur, producer, singer, and also a good gambler.

The 51-year-old, who made his name known in the world of rap, was named the president of Def Jam Records for some time and he is known as the founder of the famous record label Roc Nation. Jay Z, who released many classics in the rap industry, is known for indulging in his gambling activities in private with skilled gamblers. The rapper previously took to the media to confirm that he is a professional gambler, but it is unknown how frequent he gambles.

Jay Z, who loves to play casino games like blackjack and poker, remains popular among today’s celebrities as is considered a legendary rapper in the rap industry, and online pokies will be excited about that.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra is not only known for his impactful music but also for being a great actor in the entertainment industry in the 20th century. His brilliant talent in music did not go unnoticed as he is considered the most influential musical artist of that century.

Sinatra, who began his music career back in 1943, is considered one of the greatest musical artists of all times and his songs are still being played today.

Frank Sinatra love for gambling didn’t just stop at singing about it, in 1960, he bought a casino, Cal-Neva Lodge & Casino and transformed it into a popular gambling casino. His music is often being played in both Canadian casinos and Las Vegas casinos. He was starred in the popular casino movie Ocean’s 11 back in 1960.