10 Reasons Doctors Prescribe CBD Cream after Arthroscopy

By Mitch Rice

Due to constant standing, bad immune systems, or weightlifting exercises, our joints can get damaged. This causes excruciating pain in our kneecaps, hips, or any other joints in our body. Going to see a doctor will be a great idea, as they will explain why this can happen and how to fix it.

Some doctors will first try to give you creams or lotions to lower the pain level, but, in most cases, you would have to go under arthroscopy to fix it. Stay tuned to find out more on arthroscopy and why doctors prescribe CBD cream for joint pain.

What is CBD?

Because CBD creams, lotions, oils, and tinctures have become very popular in the past few years, let’s first determine what CBD actually is.

CBD is a blend of many different chemicals that are found in the hemp or marijuana plant. Its effects are quite different from its cousins’ THC, which is also a type of cannabinoid. THC will give you the high effect, but CBD will only relax you and relieve you of any pains or aches.

A CBD chemical compound derivative from the hemp plant can help us in many different ways, like joint pain, anxiety, or migraines. So, when you think about it for a second, CBD is kind of magical.

CBD creams come in a few forms, like cooling or warming. They have their meanings and purposes. Warming CBD cream that contains camphor can help you with aches and pains. And if you are not a fan of warming creams, taking CBD creams that have menthol for a cooling effect might be the one to choose for your knee pain.

Now let’s find out what arthroscopy is.

What is Arthroscopy?

Many of us will get scared when we hear that we would have to go under a knife to save our knee function. But arthroscopy is something a bit different than regular knee surgery.

Arthroscopy can save you from prominent scars and save you some time from your healing process as the surgeons will not open the whole knee to fix what’s wrong. But will only make two small incisions, one for the camera or arthroscope and one for the surgical instruments used during the surgery.

This process diminishes the time spent in recovery and may expand the pace of accomplishment because of minor injury to your connective tissue.

10 Reasons Why Doctors Prescribe CBD Cream after Arthroscopy

You may be a bit skeptical when trying a CBD cream after arthroscopy for the first time, but let’s find out why doctors prescribe it in the first place.

  1. It can heal tension – CBD can help you recover from your surgery by slowly healing stress that was made on your knee during surgery.
  2. Muscle relaxer – Some CBD creams can help your muscles relax faster after the painful surgery. It may take a bit longer to work, but we are sure that it will help.
  3. It’s anti-inflammatory – CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory effects on your joint and muscles.
  4. Some creams can heal the scars faster – Some CBD creams can help your scars go away quicker due to CBD effects on your skin.  
  5. It can reduce irritation – Irritation after the surgery is a common thing, so using a CBD cream can also help you with your scar irritation. 
  6. It can reduce pain – As we said earlier, CBD with camphor is proven to reduce pain if used and massaged properly onto the correct spot.
  7. It can reduce the itchiness of the healing scars – Itchiness during the healing process of the scars is a common thing during the process, and some CBD creams can help you reduce the itchiness of the healing scars.
  8. It is a natural product – Because it is a natural product, many doctors will find it a lot helpful than artificially made products and medications.  
  9. Fewer side effects – Natural products are proven to have fewer side effects than laboratory-made products. So rubbing a CBD cream onto the painful spot may have fewer skin irritation effects than other products. 
  10. You can use it for other pain – A good thing about CBD creams is that you can use them to help you with any other pain you are feeling.

CBD creams may last longer to help you with your injury, but CBD is a natural product; therefore, it will have an excellent long-term effect on your skin, joints, or muscles.


Taking good care of your health is very important, and taking creams and lotions made out of natural products is the best way to overcome our pain after arthroscopy. CBD is well-known for its good effects for many years. Therefore it can help you during your healing process.

Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work immediately, as natural remedies and creams take a bit longer to work, but they are better for your overall health. Always consult your doctor before taking any creams or medication to recommend the best one for your pain and injuries.