Songs to Make Your Gambling Experience Epic

By Mitch Rice

There are songs to match just about anything you are doing during the course of a day. Exercising often takes you to something with a pedestrian beat. If you are reading, tone it down a little with a soft classical mix. Supermarkets and stores like to pipe in music, and sometimes it actually works!

If you are gambling, it’s no different. There’s music for that, too, and generally, anything you like works better than the loops that run with most games. If you play a game for any length of time, it takes forever to get that tune out of your head.

As an option to that loop, try putting on your headphones, dropping the sound setting at your safe online casino, and streaming up something from this list of songs. They range from thematic pieces to tunes that are more subtle and suited for concentration on your game.

Getting in the Mood for Online Gambling

 “The Gambler” Kenny Rogers

Yeah, OK; this one is pretty obvious, and we all know the lyrics. But if you are playing poker, it does remind you of what it takes for a winning play. I mean, how many times have poker players come away from a hand saying, “you gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold’em”? It’s what the game is all about!

“Poker Face” Lady Gaga

The good Lady once explained that this song was about maintaining a poker face during intimate moments with a lover. But the term itself arises from a game in which you don’t want to let on about what you’re holding. It applies to so many things, and it’s a good song.

“Tumbling Dice” Rolling Stones

Alright, let’s get down to your basic good ol’ Rock ‘n’ Roll with one of the best rock bands ever. The song is more about cheatin’, lovin’, and leavin’. But the lyrics are loaded with gambling metaphors, and the music is worth any mix.

“When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” Jerry Reed

We’ve all said it, and Reed put it to a fun little ballad about the highs and lows of an alley craps game. This one makes our list just for its value as a truism in casino gambling and life.

“Shape of My Heart” Sting

The pips and faces on playing cards are loaded with symbolism, and Sting sings about them in this one. It’s a soft, easy message song, and it is actually about a poker player.

“Queen of Hearts” Juice Newton

Hearts, jokers, love: They all blend into this snappy tune that will get you through almost any game. The song was a big hit in the ’80s and has been background music for many things along the way.

“Money for Nothing” Dire Straits

Ah, the old MTV days. This song and the distinct guitar of Marc Knofler were at the top of the heap then. The title pretty much describes the song, and it reminds you of putting in pennies for slots jackpots at online casinos.

“Casino Royale Suite” Max Steiner Orchestra

James Bond showed up in casinos a lot, first playing baccarat, then roulette, and then poker. There’s actually a roulette strategy named for the character. The “Casino Royale Suite” has several themes from the movie of the same name. There are several versions of the arrangement, long and short. We chose this from a 2017 performance that Alex Johansson conducts.

“Holberg Suite” Edvard Grieg

Sometimes something smooth lends to concentration. Classical music can serve that purpose. There are hundreds of things out there, but we’ll put you on this one. It is all strings, so it’s even-keeled and won’t beat you up or blow you out.

“Blue in Green” Miles Davis

As with classical music, jazz can help you settle down and pay attention to your game. Davis fills the bill with much of his “blue” stuff. This is a song from his “Kind of Blue” album, much of which is pretty smooth.


There you have it; music to listen to while gambling and in various forms and styles. But what it all comes down to is putting you in a winning frame of mind, and almost any music you like will do.