Best Boxing walkout songs of all time

By Mitch Rice

In recent decades, boxing has added a touch of the WWE to its presentation.  The past had seen some fanfare usually at the Royal Albert Hall or Wembley. However, now it’s about putting on a show and the walkout to the ring is becoming increasingly spectacular.

Even before the boxers make their entrances, music plays a part. Most boxing fans don’t know many songs recorded by Neil Diamond. They all know ‘Sweet Caroline’ though and it gets the fans pumped up for the main event. Walkout music can be used to intimidate your opponent, that explains why so much heavy metal seems to get used. Then again, when Muhammad Ali defended his world heavyweight title against Ernie Shavers, he came out to the Star Wars them.

Of course, a long entrance while our opponent is already in the ring can work to your advantage too.  Let’s look at some of the best boxing walkout songs.

Simply the Best

Chris Eubank is the boxing version of marmite. You either loved him or absolutely hated the sight of him. He was an original, a real original and a bit weird at times. He believed himself to be the best, so it wasn’t a surprise when he used Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’ as his walkout song.

There he’d be, already showing off his moves as Tina’s song began. He’d jump over the top rope (many wanted him to fall over) as he prepared for another fight. Barry McGuigan once said that it was worth going to see one of his fights just for the ring entrance. One commentator joked that Tina Turner had bought four Rolls Royces from the royalties received.

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Z Cars Theme

Most people won’t remember this 1960s/70s police drama. It featured Brian Blessed before the days when he just shouted a lot. Why use the theme tune as a walkout song? Well, it’s to do with Everton football club. They come out to this music and one of their biggest fans is Tony Bellew. It was only natural that he’d come out to this iconic theme tune for his fights.

Eye of the Tiger

Just listening to the opening bars of this song makes you think of boxing. It was recorded by Survivor for ‘Rocky III’ and has been used for plenty of other sports too. Manny Pacquaio has used this on several occasions.

Hells Bells/Thunderstruck

Like Tina Turner, AC/DC must have made a fair amount of money out of boxing. Former world heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko is one who has come out to ‘Hells Bells.’ Another popular song of theirs is ‘Thunderstruck’ with the fantastic voice of Brian Johnson blaring away. Pacquiao has used this but the boxer best known for its use is the late Arturo Gatti. His nickname was ‘Thunder’ so using this song was a good fit.