Social Media Star – Tam, Bridges Music Between the East and West

By Mitch Rice

How tight can the musical bridge between the East and West get?

That is the question Tian Yu Pu – popularly known as Tam (@Tam天语 on Douyin and @imtamblue on Instagram) – wants to know.

But it seems he already has the answer.

Originally from China, the singer-songwriter has amassed more than 1.75 million fans and 36 million likes on social media. Most of his contents are cover songs of popular American artists – but with a twist to appeal to Chinese audience.

His most popular masterpieces include Charlie Puth’s “See You again”, Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” and Jay Chou’s “Mojito”.

Together, they have garnered more than 8 million total views.

“I think what makes my content so popular is that the songs I cover are different from mainstream Chinese pop songs,” the social star stated. “As a result, I am like a platform for Chinese users to find new Americans songs.”

In 2016, he relocated to Los Angeles and consequently, fulfilled his dream in graduating from California Institute of the Arts, majoring in music, where he studied different styles of singing, from Opera, Jazz, Broadway, to hip hop and pop.

“My goal is to create a link between both Chinese and North American culture so that my music would be genuine and accepted in both markets,” he continued.

Now equipped with an ever-growing number of online followers and fans, Tam’s next goal is to record an EP, which he hopes will be released this summer. It will feature underground hip hop and r&b singers from the local Los Angeles music scene.

The EP will continue to play on his image of satisfying fans in both Asia and North America with lyrics in Chinese and English.

“During my time in LA, I have gotten to work with a lot of talented and down-to-earth musicians that are so genuine, they deserve to be known by the greater world,” the Chinese social media star said. “Hence, I’m excited to bring their work to the Chinese audience.”

The headline track, “I love summer (and u)” will be a summer anthemn that will hopefully bring joy to all the people affected by the hardship caused by the pandemic.

“I’m confident in my music because I know it is unique,” Tam concluded with passion in his voice. “It’s a mixture of r&b, indie, hip hop and pop music, with a touch on my Chinese roots. My ultimate goal is to see success in both the Chinese and American markets.”

You can follow Tam on @Tam天语 on Douyin, @imtamblue on Instagram