Deafness: Challenges And How To Fight Back

By Mitch Rice

If you have seen people with hearing conditions, you might also know what a devastating pain they have carried within themselves.

Deafness can occur due to many reasons. Some of the prime reasons are aging and exposure to loud sounds. But that’s not the only reason that can cause deafness; sometimes, people even inherit them from their parents or ancestors.

Moreover, you can say this condition can be very frustrating and depressing to many people. And it can put a halt to their regular lives.

When someone gets to know that, they will not hear the noises around them anymore. Usually, most of them tend to isolate themselves from worldly connections and never try to get back together.

But ‘here I am to help you all to put your confidence back together!!!

Through this article, I’ll be telling you about the challenges you might face due to deafness and how you can fight back up like a “winner!!”

So read till the end to get all the necessary information to get yourself enlightened!!!

Challenges You May Face Due To Deafness

Deafness is more of a fight rather than a condition!!!

People with deafness tend to feel very embarrassed with their disabilities, and they usually lock themselves out from their family or friends.

And it’s pretty natural for them to act in such a way because facing such a condition all of a sudden can surely break you from inside.

Here, in this section, I’ll tell you the challenges you might face because of hearing loss.

Speaking In front of People

This is one of the issues that people might face if they have hearing conditions. It really can be a problem for many people, especially when they try to communicate.

Imagine that if you are suffering from hearing loss and trying to speak up with the public, you can’t listen to them or listen to what they say.

How will you feel?

Exactly, this is how they feel!!! It seems to them that they are incapable of society. And therefore, they can’t move back to their regular life. This really can be very depressing and frustrating for these people.

Dark Places Can Be A Challenge

Darkness can be a severe problem for these people. When you are walking in a place where there’s proper light, you don’t have to rely on your “hearing” in this case, as you can see everything.

But on the other hand, when there’s no lighting present, it can be a headache for them as they have no visuals to help them navigate the way. Moreover, they don’t have the “hearing” ability to pass through. Then it really can be a challenge for these deaf people.

Being Relied On Touch

When someone calls out your name, you simply respond by looking at them or by any other gestures.

But what do deaf people do?

As they are unable to hear that they are being called out. So, they are entirely reliant on touch. And to be honest, it’s not at all a wrong gesture to tap on someone’s shoulder gently.

But in a few cases, it can be an issue as many might not take it positively and might even think that you are showing sympathy towards them.

There are chances that they might feel bad when you tap them on the shoulders to seek their attention.

Sign Language Errors

Sign language is one of the ways through which deaf people can communicate. But this too can lead to a misunderstanding as there are variations within different regions and countries.

These variations can sometimes create problems as there might be a “lack in communication” between the people due to their differences in sign languages.

Many professionals make mistakes due to these regional differences, creating a massive lack of communication within people.

Job Interviews Can Be A Nightmare

You might already know what a stressful event job interviews are?

Applicants are already in a state of nervous breakdowns, and on the other hand, what will happen if you are suffering from hearing conditions.

It surely can make you feel inferior among other people present. Moreover, many people with hearing loss are even afraid to write about their conditions on the applicant’s form.

As they are afraid that they might get rejected without even a formal interview.

These cloudy judgments of negativity are very natural if you are suffering from such conditions.

Ways To Fight Back Your Fear

Fear is something that lacks you from achieving the goal that you have long strived for!!!

This is what prevents you from being who you indeed are. There’s nothing to be afraid of; if there are problems, then solutions are also there. All you have to do is seek these solutions.

Here, I’ll be telling you how you can fight back with these problems.

Hearing Aids: The Perfect Remedy

Hearing aids can be the perfect solution for you if you have mild hearing loss or partial hearing loss. These devices are designed in such a way to help people with various hearing conditions.

But I’ll recommend you to take the advice of your audiologist first before you take any hearing aids. As there are varieties of hearing aids, only your doctor will know which one will be the suitable one in your case.

Support of The Family Members

Family members play an essential role in making you feel comfortable during your hard times.

The care and love of the family members can surely bring you out of your dark hours.

It can be painful at times when the family members stop giving you proper attention. And this can lead to isolation and depression.

The time and encouragement of the family members are necessary if they want to bring you out of this misery.

Moreover, you can also go for regular morning walks or spend quality time in the park if you want. This will boost up your mood, and you’ll feel better.

Just make sure never to lose hope no matter what!!!

I hope this article will help you know the challenges you might face and overcome these challenges.