Jazzing All Around the World

By Mitch Rice

From Las Vegas to Turin, from Mexico City to London, Evelyn Rubio is a jazz artist that is working hard. In Las Vegas, a gorgeous multi-talented woman was wearing a colorful sequin dress during Christmas and shared the stage with the city’s jazz favorite, The Uli Geissendoerfer Trio. The audience was a show talent and consisted of casino workers and visiting musicians.

For a musician, performing with such an esteemed group is a delight, and on that night, Evelyn Rubio would set the room on fire. Before her debut, the maestro, Uli Geissendoerfer, armed himself with Evelyn’s song where they rehearsed before the show and arranged the playlist for the upcoming Saturday night. However, on the audition night, Uli Geissendoerfer surprised Evelyn by moving away from their plan and told her to perform her complete “Hombres”  album from the beginning till the end. She didn’t expect this change of plans. However, she welcomed the opportunity.

As fans would expect, that night was a spot on in Las Vegas for the trio. When the time came for Uli, he would perform his piano solos which were magnificent and over the top. Besides, the multi-talented Hispanic lady from New Mexico has risen to the occasion and has performed flawlessly for 60 minutes.

Evelyn’s Performance

Before the audition night, Evelyn has performed in northern Italy with The Black Cry band, starting in Turin. While she performed at The Mattorosso, the artist has broken the music charts by presenting her song “He Did Me Wrong But He Did It Right” in two languages, Spanish and English. At the end of the song, all women have risen and applauded Evelyn. Besides, these acknowledgments are not rare in Evelyn’s case because she receives them every time she performs in the States, Europe, or Mexico.

Even people from the “House of Hits” studio, the author, and sound engineers are proud of her work because they come fully prepared every time they hire her. For example, in 2020, Evelyn has performed at the studio together with Rock icon Al Staehely, Americana recording artist Chris Gardner, outlaw country artist Steve Griggs, and pop fame Mr. Vincent Powell. Evelyn didn’t record just duets. She also completed and recorded songs from her albums, like the “I’m Gonna Love You Tonight” track available in her newest album.

The track also has its video, which immediately shot 30.000 views on Youtube. Evelyn has recently recorded a new combination of dance, sax, and vocal music video titled “Cruel”. The music video is sexy and hot, and even to this day, it continues to gain views and attention.

Who is Evelyn Rubio?

Evelyn Rubio was born in Mexico City, and at a very young age, her mother saw that young Evelyn had a talent, a sparkle, and an extraordinary gift. She helped Evelyn polish her skill and share it with the world. Evelyn followed the advice and started performing on municipal stages around the area of children. She was so good at it that she began to manage her events where she has gained the attention of a Canadian producer who was looking to cast the role in a Christian play.

Evelyn was perfect for the role, and then she began to teach herself how to play the saxophone. She became so good at it that she started touring throughout Mexico in a rock band. The next major step was to develop a career as she was moving towards citizenship in the United States. Evelyn was also noticed by a world-famous entertainment lawyer that introduced her to the famous bandleader Calvin Owens. Owens was a successful music producer, plus he had his orchestra as well. When he heard Evelyn’s voice and vocal range, he presented her with a multiple album contract.

Evelyn has agreed to work together with Calvin Owens, and together they produced the Billboard-topping album “Hombres”. The album came as number one, three, and six respectively on Billboard charts in March 2016. The Worldwide radio has picked up the album, and DJs worldwide were spinning “Hombres”. In the year 2020, Evelyn has performed entirely online with live streaming performances. This year in February, she came back on stage at The Mucky Duck in Houston.

Evelyn Rubio is planning in housing The Evelyn Rubio Show and currently, she is in talks with a Texas streaming studio. Additionally, she has also entered into discussions with a top jazz pianist in recording together.