Light Therapy for Your Canine Friend

By Mitch Rice

Dogs are the best companion of men. We have seen numerous cases where dogs help its owner in several ways in their daily lives. There are very few people who had a dry eye after watching the movie “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.” Dogs are an amazing creature that is often trained to help people with various disabilities and become emotional support animals. They often become more than a simple pet, children, and a part of the family. Therefore, it’s natural for every dog owner to get concerned about the wellbeing of their trusting pet. Today, we are going to discuss how light therapy can help your dog to prevail in good health and what benefits it can bring for it.

Why You Should Consider Light Therapy For Your Dog

A dog can get sick or injured due to numerous reasons. As a living creature, it’s natural that they can develop various diseases like its owner. If you are a proud owner of a dog, it’s normal to have the vet’s number on your speed dial. Whenever your dog is sick, the vet may suggest some common anti-inflammatory drugs to treat it. When these drugs can help your dog get better for a short time, they can also induce long-time side effects on its health.

Light therapy has been a visionary treatment nowadays. This therapy not only helps in treating diseases for your dog but also enhances performance, especially for sports dogs. As light therapy provides numerous benefits to people, it can also help the pets similarly. Moreover, light therapy utilizes the most natural element, that is, light, to induce the benefits. So there is little to no possibility of harmful side effects. Additionally, with the help of this therapy the dog can receive the benefits within the shortest time possible. So, every dog owner should give light therapy a consideration for the best health for their dog.

How Light Therapy Helps the Dogs

There is a varying wavelength of visible light that is used for light therapy. Each color of light has different benefits and penetration ability. Depending on this ability, different spectrums of light are used to treat specific problems. For example, the near-infrared red light has the highest penetration ability, so it is used to treat problems in muscles and bones. There are photoreceptors in the cells of your dog that absorb the energy from light and enhance the process of healing effectively.

Red light therapy can effectively be used to heal problems in deeper tissues, ligaments, muscle joints, bones, and tendons. Tissues that are rich in hemoglobin can highly induce healing for your dog. Many superficial wounds can get healed with light therapy’s help while simulating acupressure points of the dog. Therefore, it can be easily said that light therapy has opened a brand new door for treating your best dog in a very effective way.

What Benefits Your Dog can Receive From Light Therapy?

The quality of your dog’s life can be improved effectively with the help of light therapy. It can feel more relaxed and comfortable after each light therapy session. The pains in different parts of their body can get significantly reduced when they undergo a light therapy session. The collagen protein generation gets improved significantly with the help of light therapy. This protein helps release endorphins that treat the pain in the body and also treats various other sick areas of the body by increasing blood flow. The matured and older dogs can receive the best benefits from light therapy, and it can ensure a longer and healthier life for them. Your dog can directly receive the following benefits when exposed to light therapy:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Articular pain
  • Collagen production
  • Skin infection
  • Skin rashes
  • Muscle pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Energy production
  • Injuries and wounds

Methods of Delivering Light Therapy to Your Dog

There is a wide range of light therapy devices available these days. However, most dogs feel comfortable sitting under light therapy boxes during therapy sessions. However, if your dog is playful, it may not like to stay still to receive the therapy. For your playful good boy, you can find light therapy pads that can be attached to its body specially designed for them. These devices have been perfected with numerous trials and can provide the most comfort and warmth to your best buddy. However, make sure they undergo the therapy session for the right amount of time. With prolonged therapy sessions, they can feel uncomfortable, which should be avoided at any cost.

The way light therapy can be enormously beneficial for a human being; it can also provide the same benefits to your pet dog. Your dog receives a nicer and healthier life when administered light therapy. It ensures the best health for your dog and can help it fight diseases effectively. With a little help from your end, your amazing pet dog can get the best life that it deserves.