How To Track A Cell Phone That Is Switched Off?

By Mitch Rice

Why do we need to track cell phones?

Normally, tracking cell phones is something you only see in movies or TV series. However, this doesn’t change the fact that this tends to be an extremely useful feature that can help in many various circumstances.

People use phone tracking to find their loved ones, and sometimes, it is used by employers to access their employee’s location as well.

With the increase in crime and shady situations nowadays, it is incredibly useful to have your trusted contacts track your location or your phone.

Moreover, there can be other reasons to track cell phones. Some relationships face a bumpy road, and during that, spouses might feel at comfort knowing where their significant other is. This doesn’t only build trust but also helps in exposing the truth in case of any suspicions.

Here are some ways to track a phone:

  1. How to track an Android phone?

If an Android phone is switched off, you can still find ways to track it. The first thing you have to do is finding the lost Android phone through Google’s Find my Device. This feature will be of great help in tracking a phone.

However, this would work if the phone is connected to the internet and linked to a Google account. Once you do so, you can visit the ‘Find my Device’ page on Google, and log into your Google account. In this way, you can access the current location as well as the last connected location of the phone.

There is another good option through which you can track your Android phone. Check your Google location history. In case your Google account is connected to your phone, you can easily access the locations where your phone has traveled.

How to track and locate an iPhone, especially if it is turned off?

If you’re an iPhone user who tends to lose his phone usually, there are some ways you can track it back. In case of losing a phone, you can simply use your Macbook and go to the Find Your iPhone feature.

However, in case of the iPhone being off, there are some other ways you can locate your phone.

If you have lost your iPhone and it is switched off, you can log into your iCloud through an Apple device or your friend’s iPhone. If the device is turned on, the map will show you, but if you go for the “Lost Mode” you’ll see the last known location of the iPhone.

Tracking a phone without ‘Them’ knowing

Tracking the location of any cell phone isn’t exactly a hard thing to do. It’s pretty easy if you have access to your email accounts and the ‘Find your phone feature. Moreover, you can even track another phone without the owner of the phone knowing about it.

This isn’t a guide on how to be a stalker, but locating the phone without anyone knowing proves to be useful in harmful situations. You can be worried about someone’s safety and decide to track the phone instead to be sure.

There are many cool ways on how to track a phone without someone knowing through many apps and features which have been launched for this sole purpose.