Reliable online casinos: Choose security to win

There are many online casinos but are they all really reliable? Of course not! Therefore, it is essential to differentiate a serious site from a scam. Here, we suggest you how to find a reliable online casino.

How do you choose reliable casinos on the market?

To find the most reliable casinos on the market, there are several tips:

  • View numerous casino reviews 
  • Choose an approved casino
  • Choose an online casino with attractive bonus offers 
  • Look at the casino’s game catalog and choose an online casino with many casino games
  • Look at the conditions and fees for withdrawing money
  • Be sure to check the fairness of the online casino games.
  • Observe the payout ratio and choose an online casino with a very high payout ratio (preferably between 95 and 95%).
  • Choose one of the best online casinos that is completely transparent with its players. 
  • Option for a casino that you like from a design point of view and whose interface is ergonomic. 

How to recognize a reliable online casino?

In order to recognize a reliable online casino, certain criteria must be carefully observed. 


The license is perhaps the most important element in finding a reliable online casino. Indeed, the best casinos all have a license and it is prominently displayed on the online casino’s website. It is therefore strongly advised to always start by looking at the type of license that the online casino holds before choosing to play at the casino. Usually, the online casino holds a license from the curaçao or Malta but this can vary depending on the casino. In addition, a reliable online casino is usually approved by the Arjel, a French organization that validates or not the quality of a casino. The more care you take regarding the license of the online casino you choose, the more likely you are to find a reliable online casino that has a decent payout rate and normal withdrawal conditions. 

Security software

Just like the casino license, security is essential when playing at an online casino. You will need to verify that each casino you decide to play at has security protocols in place to ensure that your gambling is safe: 

  • Your personal information (last name, first name, address, date of birth but also bank details etc.)
  • Your money: segregated bank account, easy withdrawal of earnings, no additional fees, etc. 

To ensure that the online casino is reliable and has good security, it is important to verify that it has SSL or TLS protocol and that the website address of the online casino is under HTPPS. 

Attention! Many unsafe online casinos show a HTPP address, without the S. This is a clear sign of a lack of security and it is strongly recommended that you NEVER put money or start playing at this type of online casino.


A reliable online casino usually has a very successful catalog with : 

  • Slot machines

  • Online games

  • Table games

  • Other games of money 

The more games the online casino has, the more fun you can have and potentially win. Then, you can also choose the reliable online casino that has a catalog that suits you. That is, filled with video poker if you are a fan of online video poker games or slots if you prefer this type of casino game. 


Every online casino carefully chooses the developers they work with. The more popular the developer is and the better known he is, the better the games will be and the more players will be attracted. There are many developers, but the best ones are 

  • Play’N GO
  • Microgaming
  • Betsoft
  • NextGen

The more developers the online casino has, the better and more reliable you can consider its games, especially its slots. 

Fairness of the games

Having a nice online gambling catalog is good, having reliable casino games is much better! Therefore, it is important to ensure the fairness of the online gambling games of a casino before opting for this online gambling establishment. To do this, it is advisable to check that the casino holds : 

  • Random Number Generator (RNG): This allows you to generate results similar to that of a dealer.
  • Frequently updated software: The RNGs used should be tested regularly to ensure that no in-game behavior can be predicted by a player.
  • Clarification of hand distribution. It is important that the casino certifies that the games have a random distribution to ensure fairness. 

Banking solutions

An online casino must be able to offer several payment methods so that players can deposit funds as they see fit. In general, online casinos offer 3 main payment methods: 

  • Credit card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express).
  • Bank transfer.
  • Electronic wallet and prepaid cards (Cashlib, Paysafecard etc.).

The best online casinos can also offer deposits via cryptocurrencies. 

Withdrawal conditions

The withdrawal conditions of a reliable online casino must be explicitly written. In general, an online casino is considered reliable if it offers: 

  • Numerous payment methods for withdrawals (usually as many as for deposits).
  • Relatively fast withdrawal time (up to 5 days).
  • Withdrawal times that are respected: many unreliable online casinos advertise very short withdrawal times, but the actual time to withdraw real money is actually 2 to 3 times longer. 
  • Very low or no withdrawal fees: For an online casino to be reliable, it goes without saying that the fees should be kept low. In general, a reliable online casino does not charge any fees for withdrawals except for those made by bank transfer. 
  • Minimum and maximum acceptable withdrawal amounts. Ideally, there should be no withdrawal limits. Unfortunately, almost all casinos, even the best online casinos, advertise a minimum and maximum withdrawal amount. It is important to look for an online casino with a low withdrawal limit and a high maximum amount. If you go to an unreliable online casino, you may have to wait a long time before you can withdraw. 

Customer service

An online casino must be able to offer quality and reliable customer service to its customers. In order to do this, the online casino’s customer service must: 

  • Respond quickly.
  • Be responsive. 
  • To provide a solution adapted to each case. 
  • Be accessible via different contact methods. 

The way to contact customer support is PRIMARY. The more contact options the online casino offers, the easier it will be for players to get in touch with customer support. In general, online casinos that are considered reliable offer: 

  • FAQ: This contact method is available in almost all online casinos. It allows players to quickly find an answer to the most frequently asked questions. It also avoids waiting for a long time before getting an answer to their doubts. 
  • A contact form for players to ask questions directly on the online casino site.
  • An email address: to contact directly the customer service of the online casino.
  • A telephone number: not all online casinos offer this service. However, telephone contact can be very convenient for players with a very specific problem who need personalized assistance. 
  • Online Chat: Some online casinos offer a chat room where you can ask questions to online advisors. 

Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are extremely important for players and casinos alike. Indeed, it is the bonuses that will attract new players to the online casino but also allow to keep its players longer. 

In the same way, bonuses can be extremely interesting from a player’s point of view to win money. Bonuses allow players to play online gambling games for longer periods of time and to win large sums of money more quickly. 

Among the most common bonuses there are : 

  • Welcome bonus: This bonus is present in all online casinos. They allow to offer to the new players extra money. This welcome bonus is often quite substantial between 100% and 200% of the initial deposit. Welcome bonuses of up to 500% or 600% should be taken with a grain of salt. Online casinos offering this type of welcome bonus are often unreliable and try to lure many players with money without having in mind to make the welcome bonus real money. 
  • The free spins bonus: this type of bonus is often associated with the welcome bonus and is offered at that time. Thus, you can get free spins on slot machines to test this slot machine and choose or not to continue playing. In general the free spins offered are available for certain slot machines and therefore do not work on the whole catalog. 
  • No deposit bonus: This bonus is given as a welcome bonus at some online casinos. This is a bonus that does not require the player to deposit money into the online casino’s account beforehand. Be careful with this kind of welcome bonus because the conditions for withdrawing the winnings are often very difficult to meet. 
  • The free bonus: This welcome bonus is very similar to the no deposit bonus. The difference is that in order to get the winnings from this welcome bonus, you need to deposit money into your online casino account.
  • Deposit bonuses: Many online casinos offer weekly bonuses to keep their players. Indeed, having a welcome bonus to attract new players is good, keeping your players is even better! 
  • Cashback: The majority of online casinos also offer a bonus on losses from casino games. So, after losing money at the table games, you can get a certain percentage of your loss as a bonus. 
  • Loyalty bonus: Like the welcome bonus, this type of bonus is offered in the vast majority of online casinos. Indeed, a good online casino usually offers a loyalty program to keep its customers. This is generally similar to a point system and the more you play casino games and the more regularly you log in, the more points you will earn. So the more points you have, the more bonuses you get, like cashback for free spins. 
  • Referral Bonus: Online casinos may offer bonuses for each new player you attract to the online casino. This can be an advantage for both you and your referral. In fact, you will usually get a substantial bonus at a good online casino and your referral will get an additional bonus on top of the classic welcome bonus. 
  • VIP Bonus: This bonus is reserved for long-time players of a casino. It allows you to get additional and exclusive bonuses such as free spins, cashbacks and other bonuses of all kinds. This way you can play at the casino almost for free and test the new online game more easily. The best online casino usually offers an incredible and highly enticing VIP bonus. 


Transparency is an important criterion to take into account when looking for a good casino. In order to play at a casino with peace of mind, it is important that the rules and conditions of the game are accessible to everyone at all times. This means that you have to take into account all the rules and conditions written by the casino, whether it is about welcome bonuses, free spins, games or even withdrawal conditions. 

The payout ratio: a sure sign of a reliable casino

Before you choose your casino and get your casino welcome bonus, it is important to look at the payout ratio. Indeed, it will tell you if it is worth playing or not on this casino and get the welcome bonus or free spins. In fact, a casino is in good standing if its payout ratio, i.e. the money it distributes to casino players, is higher than 85%. However, at the TOP of the best online casino, this payout ratio is between 95% and 98%. So, we advise you to play at a casino only if its payout ratio is sufficient. In general, you should be wary of casinos that have a very low payout and on top of that offer a welcome bonus of up to 500% and 800 free spins. 

Scams: Avoid being tricked

Many casinos try to trick you by offering you excessive welcome bonuses, large amounts of free spins and other goodies. Usually these types of casinos lure you to start depositing into their account. Once you do that, the casino won’t offer you anything interesting: 

  • The additional bonuses are mediocre.
  • Very few or uninteresting games.
  • Very little opportunity to win money at the casino games.
  • Withdrawing money or bonuses is impossible or very complicated.

To avoid being scammed, check out our comparison of the best reliable online casinos!

Avoiding scams: questions to ask yourself

Before choosing a casino, you should ask yourself some questions. This will allow you to start playing at the TOP online casino and avoid scams. So, the questions you should ask yourself before playing at an online casino are the following: 

  • Is the casino licensed?
  • Is the casino security optimal? 
  • Are the developers of the casino games known and recognized? 
  • Is the casino’s catalog of games flourishing? 
  • How many payment methods does the casino offer? 
  • Are the cash withdrawal and bonus requirements available? 
  • Are the casino bonuses interesting and numerous? 
  • Does the casino offer fair gaming? 
  • What about the casino’s redistribution rate? 
  • Is the casino transparent with its players? 
  • Is the casino’s customer service accessible and reliable? 

It is through these questions that you will be able to tell the difference between a good casino and a bad one. We strongly encourage you to only play at a trusted casino with quality games for your safety and the safety of your finances. 

Registration in a reliable casino: the advantages

Thus, by registering at a reliable casino, you will get only advantages of games like among others: 

  • The security of your personal data.
  • The ability to play quality games.
  • High earnings.
  • Interesting casino bonuses.
  • Fast casino cash out.
  • Fun and entertainment to play the various games available at the casino. 

In conclusion, we can only encourage you to choose a quality casino in order to start playing its various gambling games. This way you will come out a winner!