Great panel ahead: Kicking Against It: Ageism & Women In The Music Industry

The Sled Island Music & Arts Festival and Byta, the platform for sending digital audio files and streams, are proud to present the second in a regular series of free, online conversations about the changing landscape of music called Tête-à-Têtes.

If “rock & roll is a young man’s game,” then where exactly does that leave women over the age of 25? Compounding the myriad of issues relating to sexism in the music industry, there is an added layer of ageism that, to this day, applies wrongfully and exponentially more to women looking to progress their artistic or professional practices than it does to men. The unfair race against time creates very real barriers to women picking up instruments for the first time, experiencing the long-term success and credibility that they could otherwise rightfully earn, and moving into positions of authority within the overall industry to enact change. As a result, we are all, quite simply, missing out.

Three women will discuss the challenges, inspirations and opportunities they see standing before them from both established and new-to-music perspectives alike. Anne Backus had never picked up an instrument before trying to teach herself the drums and ultimately enrolling in the Ladies Rock Camp organized by Girls Rock Camp Atlanta, an experience she considers to be one of the most empowering she’d ever been a part of. Amber Goodwyn is the Artistic Director of the Regina Folk Festival, former Program Director of CJTR, and critically-acclaimed musician (Natural Sympathies, Cobra & Vulture). Gabrielle Rubaine is the Outreach & Development Director of Music Managers Forum Canada, former artist, and important catalyst in diversity initiatives that continue to this day at FACTOR.

Time: May 4, 2021 2:00pmET, and it’s free: