Online Casinos in 2021: Music and Other Tips

By Mitch Rice

In case you haven’t heard, online casinos are prospering right now. Land-based casinos have been closed for over a year (because of COVID-19), meaning casino fanatics have turned to online casinos instead to continue the thrills and action.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to online gambling, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the good news: You can be successful in online casinos and (potentially) win big just by following a handful of key principles and tips. You can even use music to help you and improve the experience when you’re playing from home or traveling and using your phone.

What is the relationship between music and casinos?

Historically, music is a fundamental part of the casino experience. It’s intended to play in the background to be heard clearly but isn’t disruptive to play. After all, when you’re playing an important poker game, you don’t want to be unable to hear what the dealer is saying because the music is too loud.

The types of music played varies from casino to casino. However, casinos generally play happy, uplifting music, from space-age pop to classic rock. It’s the icing on the cake of the luxury experience that casinos provide.

So, when you’re playing in a reliable, trusted online casino like, don’t be afraid to turn your home speakers on and play some music. There are tons of casino playlists on YouTube and streaming services that you can choose from. Alternatively, you can make your own playlist –make sure to include songs that fit the casino’s aesthetic. This will help to make you play better during those long sessions of blackjack and roulette.

Other online casino tips

Outside of playing music, there are a lot of other ways you can become more successful when playing online casino games. Here are just some of them:

1.   Be smart with your game selections

Most online casinos have a whole host of games for you to choose from – it can be quite overwhelming, particularly for beginners. Therefore, you need to smart with your game selections by only playing games that you are good at and knowledgeable about. For example, don’t jump into any skill-based games, like poker, if you’ve only ever played a couple of games in your life. Instead, start slow, play the free versions of games, and you’ll gradually build your experience up.

2.   Promotions, promotions, promotions

Promotions are an amazing feature of modern online casinos, Of course, promotions vary for each provider, but you should be looking to take advantage of them when they are offered to you.

A common promotion that you might encounter (just for signing up) is a ‘welcome bonus’, which is where the online casino will essentially give you free money to gamble with or will match your first deposit number up to a certain amount.

3.   Don’t assume you will win all the time

Naturally, you’re destined to win while playing games – be it roulette, blackjack, or something else. The trick is not to get carried away and assume you’re going to win all the time because you’re not. When you win games, remember to be disciplined and keep control of your budget – this is what the smartest players do. It keeps them grounded and in control of their actions.