What are slot machines?

By Mitch Rice

Gambling (also known as betting) is the wagering of money or something of value (referred to as “the stakes”) on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the primary intent of winning money or material goods. It is also one of the oldest activities known to man, going far beyond the period of written history. In Mesopotamia, the earliest found six-sided dice dates back to 3000 BC, but the dice were based on Astragali, which go back a few thousand years before then.

Slot machines such as Enchanted Prince slot are one of the most popular modern gambling devices that make up a massive industry worldwide. What are slot machines and things to know about them? We discuss this in this article. 

What is a modern slot machine? 

A slot machine, known as a fruit machine (UK), puggy (UK and America), the slots, poker machine/pokies (Australia), fruities or slots, is a gambling machine that creates a game of chance for its customers.

The iconic look of slot machines is known to most people – the machine is made up of a few spinning reels with winning symbols on them. Match combinations of the same symbol to win.

Modern slot machines work based on a computer program called the RNG (random-number-generator). This program makes the game completely random by basing the outcome of a spin on random numbers. RNG creates series of random numbers multiple times a second, so the outcome of your spin is decided by the number that you hit at the exact moment when you press “spin”. 

The history of slot machines 

The first-ever money-operated gambling devices date back to the 1880s United States. These were novelty devices with a designed “race track”. Customers would insert a coin and 2 or more toy horses would race. This was a popular game in taverns and saloons, which gave a beginning to money-operated devices. Soon, the idea of a slot machine came into existence and sparked the curiosity of some inventors.

One of them was a Bavarian-born American Charles Fey, who was a mechanic in the San Francisco area. In 1895 he produced a prototype of a machine called 4-11-44 that was so successful in the local saloon that he quit his job and opened a factory to build more machines. He created the Card Bell in 1898 which had 3 reels and a mechanical “hand” that set the reels in motion. The game was won by forming poker hands on the reels. The following year he created his most successful machine, the Liberty Bell, which operated just like the Card Bell except it had horseshoe and bell symbols as well as playing card symbols. This machine proved so successful that many Fey’s competitors copied it, and thus slot machine industry began. 

What rewards do slot machines offer? 

Slot machines have a lot of prizes and perks apart from the obvious possibility to win money.

Firstly, playing slots is fun and exciting. It is a game of chance and risk with massive money prizes like jackpots, what’s there not to like?

Second, modern slot machines have a lot of bonus features like free spins and wilds to supplement your play. These are very exciting and can increase your bankroll substantially.

Finally, today’s slots offer fantastic gameplay with beautiful graphics and sound design that is sure to find its way into your heart! Slots have become one of the best-known games in the world for this reason.