Is CBD or THC Better for Physical and Mental Wellness?

By Mitch Rice

Due to the changes in the law, there are now more people than ever using and trying out weed, along with CBD and THC-based products.

A Gallup poll from a year and a half ago states that 14% of Americans say that they use CBD products and this number is likely to have grown since then as many people look to alternatives when dealing with physical and mental health concerns.

On top of CBD consumers, there are also over 50 million Americans who admit to using weed in one form or another.

Aside from the recreational use of cannabis, there has been plenty of talk about the various benefits of CBD, CBG, and THC, but which one is the best, and what areas can they assist with? 

Who is using CBD and THC products?

This might be the surprising thing about the legal changes. In the past, the image of a typical cannabis user would often be teenagers sitting at home getting stoned while playing video games and ordering pizza. At least that is how many movies have depicted it. And, while that image is undoubtedly true for many, there is a much broader range of people using the products that come from cannabis.

When you look at how the law is changing with 16 states plus Washington D.C. legalizing cannabis completely and another 36 allowing the use of medical marijuana, it is not surprising that adults of all ages are trying out new products. Very soon, New Mexico and Virginia will join the original 34 states and enjoy medical marijuana too. 

What are people using CBD and THC for?

These days there are a range of commodities containing only CBD or both CBD and THC. These products have been designed to fit into different people’s lifestyles and their preference for using or ingesting the compounds.


The reasons that people choose to use CBD or THC are wide-ranging. Some people take these products to help themselves relax and to have a better night’s sleep, while others use them to alleviate physical symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

At the further end of the spectrum, it has been noted that many cancer patients have said that cannabis and THC have helped them feel more comfortable by reducing nausea and aiding their appetites. CBD has been used to treat PTSD sufferers, and there are now products for children to use that aid in reducing stress and anxiety. 

What are the physical benefits of using CBD?

If you are a newbie wanting to get into CBD products you will have many questions such as dosage and what are the best products. You will also want to know what benefits there are and if CBD will help you.

CBD can help with the following areas: 

Pain relief

This is one of the most common applications for CBD and can cover areas such as arthritis, MS, muscle and back pain. 

Skin treatment

It is believed by many that CBD-based topical salve can help with acne, psoriasis, and eczema. 

Seizures and epilepsy

There have been studies performed on patients with epilepsy that have shown great promise in reducing seizures.

There are still limited studies with CBD but there are not only positive signs but also numerous people who swear by the benefits of their favorite products. 

How do THC’s benefits line up compared to CBD?

If you are debating CBD vs THC then you will be interested in learning what the full product can do for you. THC is also great at managing pain relief but it also comes with a surprising amount of other benefits.

It can help to stimulate appetite which is needed in patients suffering from certain illnesses such as HIV or cancer. It also helps to regulate insulin so users maintain a regular weight. This can help avoid the onset of diabetes too.

It has anti-oxidant features and also has anti-inflammatory effects. On top of this, it can aid in improving lung capacity and is believed to be able to fight tumors by killing cancer cells. 

Are there any mental wellness benefits to CBD and THC?

This is where both products have found significant purposes amongst users. There are more than 260 million people who suffer from some form of depression globally according to the World Health Organization.

Typically patients either go undiagnosed, try various forms of therapy, or end up being prescribed prescription drugs. Nowadays, many people are using cannabis products for mental wellness. This is an area that needs more research, and if you are suffering from any depressive symptoms you should consult your medical professional first.

However, there are many users who believe that their anxiety and stress levels have been reduced by either CBD or THC. When it comes to general mental health though, there is one thing worth knowing, cannabis is neuroprotective. 

What does neuroprotective mean?

Most drugs, including alcohol, would be considered to be neurodegenerative. That is, they cause harm to the brain and with it increase the likelihood of suffering from cognitive deficits or disorders including psychosis.

Cannabis, on the other hand, is a neuroprotector, and research is being done to see how much effect it could have on a number of illnesses. These include dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and stroke.

It is hoped that cannabis can have a great future in helping mental wellness and reversing the damage that has occurred in patients. 

Are there side effects or anything a newbie should know?

As with everything, there can be some side effects but these are largely nothing to be concerned about.

CBD users have reported symptoms such as reduced appetites, dry mouth, and fatigue.

THC users have been known to get side effects including red eyes, slower reaction times, dry mouth, increased heart rate, and anxiety if too much is consumed.

The main difference a real newbie needs to understand is that THC will get you high and CBD won’t. This is the part you must understand and be clear on before you test any product, especially if this is your first time. 

What is the best choice between CBD and THC?

They both have their advantages and the choice will largely be down to how you want to ingest the product and what effects you want it to have on you. If you buy weed in Canada and smoke that then you can enjoy a feeling of euphoria and enjoy the benefits it can bring. These can include alleviating insomnia, pain relief, and improved appetite.

If you don’t want to have any ‘high’ or you are worried about THC showing up in blood tests, then opt for a CBD product. This will still let you have relief from anxiety, migraines, and pain, but without the unwanted high. 


Whether you choose CBD or THC-based products, there are a host of benefits for the consumer. It shouldn’t be about which one is the best in general, but which is the right choice or best for you.

If you want to feel relaxed and share weed with your friends then use a legal dispensary and buy in person or online. If you have no interest in this but still want the health benefits then check out the different products available to see which suits you.