How do I make my voice sound like Post Malone?

By Mitch Rice

Post Malone is arguably one of the most popular recording artists of the millennial generation. Known for his raspy voice and unique tone he maintains a “rock” tonality while integrating it with hip hop.

In order to sound like Post Malone you should have Autotune installed on your computer. Posty credits Autotune as a major contributor to his angelic voice. Autotune will help you stay on pitch and gives you the ability to worry about pitch less, and really experiment with the performance aspect of vocals.

When sounding like Post Malone you want to dial up the Autotune retune speed pretty high but not to the max. It should be dialed back enough to still enable you to sound natural.

Posty’s voice utilizes a lot of effects. Add a big reverb on your voice when going for that Post sound. Turn up the wet on the reverb super high and then do a high eq filter roll off. Cut off the reverb above 3000 hz. This will give the reverb a dark tone. When emulating his voice use lots of compression. When you listen to his songs whether he is singing quietly or loudly the vocal performance sounds like he is fully projecting and the vocal sounds bold. Using lots of compression will ensure that you achieve this effect. It will cut out some of the dynamics from the vocals but you are sacrificing dynamics for power.

Combining these elements will give you a Post Malone sound. It needs to be mentioned Post Malone is a great singer. He had been singing for years prior to being in the spotlight, and you can hear it in his voice. People who sing for a while develop their vocal chords to be strong and powerful. Much like going to the gym, vocal chords are a muscle that get stronger the more they are used and pushed. If you are looking to develop your vocals because they sound weak or lame consider practicing singing. It’s amazing what a vocal warm up alone will do for your voice.

If you are looking for a vocal preset that will give you that Post Malone sound check out this one at Vocal Presets.

This vocal preset was designed to make your vocals sound like a grungy emo pop singer. It has the Autotune already dialed in as well and the reverbs and compression. It’s free too so anyone can use it!