Bitcoin Stock Falls: What could it mean for bingo players?

By Mitch Rice

Wind back to the 1500s and do you think that the players involved in Italy’s classic Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia would have ever thought they were an active part of bingo history? Oh yes, this is where most historians agree that bingo has its roots, which is pretty amazing when you consider the on-going popularity of this incredibly versatile and interesting game. Because bingo really has a wild ride over the years, in fact, it only got the name “bingo” in the early 20th century, which is a perfect example of how crazy the journey has been. 

One of the major developments in regard to bingo in the 21st century simply has to be the outrageous rise of online bingo, something that has come in tandem with other forms of online gambling, in particular online slots. People just cannot get enough of barbados bingo these days, however something that could worry bingo players is the recent Bitcoin stock falls. What could this mean for bingo players? We’re about to find out… 

A little bit about Bitcoin 

 First though, what is Bitcoin? It’s something that most people will have heard of by now, but may not actually know anything about. Basically, Bitcoin is an online method of financial transaction, and was the first example of what has now come to be called cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was launched in 2009, however nobody actually knows who by, as the developer of Bitcoin is currently known as Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym. 

It really didn’t take long for Bitcoin to shoot into popularity after it was released, and within a few years of its release investors were going absolutely crazy for Bitcoin. The cool thing about Bitcoin is that its completely anonymous, and also that it is completely separate from banks, and to an extent the mainstream global economy too. 

Background information on Bitcoin stock falls 

As a result of these things investors have loved investing in Bitcoin over the last decade, however one thing that this intense period of investment has resulted in is a very unstable and fluctuating Bitcoin economy. 

In recent years Bitcoin stock falls have led to the market value of Bitcoin ranging from thousands of pounds to pennies, which is worrying for anybody who uses it seriously as a day-to-day form of monetary exchange. 

Can you use Bitcoin for bingo? 

You certainly wouldn’t have much luck using Bitcoin in an actual physical bingo hall, but in reality you’d have trouble paying for anything in person using Bitcoin. There are, however, online bingo providers out there these days that specialise in Bitcoin payments, it just might take you a little bit of time to find them, as they are fairly rare. 

What could Bitcoin stock falls mean for bingo players? 

The worst thing about Bitcoin stock falls is that it means that bingo players using Bitcoin won’t have a very solid bankroll. You could win a whole load of Bitcoin from bingo, for example, but due to the fluctuating market value it could disappear in front of your eyes.