Can You Customize a Bong? (The Answer Is Yes)

By Mitch Rice

As more countries begin to legalize marijuana, more people are becoming interested in the cannabis industry. The medical community is studying the effects of cannabis components like CBD, and people of all ages are starting to see the benefits!

Cannabis has been used for much of history, by religious figures, musicians and other creatives, and more.

For some, cannabis is a source of pain relief or it helps with mental and physical disorders. For others, it is a way to connect with friends, grow spiritually, or better enjoy life.

As we move forward, a lot of people wonder how they can individualize their cannabis experience beyond just experiencing different strains. The answer? Customize your bong!

Keep reading to learn more about how to buy or make a custom bong.

The Type of Material

There are a lot of options for bong materials. People have smoked out of everything from soda cans to apples, but in order to have the best (and safest) high possible, it’s important to be choosy with your materials. The most popular materials for bongs are glass, metal, and wood.

While wood can offer quite a few great opportunities for engraving and visual customization, wood and metal bongs can affect the taste of the cannabis being smoked. Glass is less likely to have an effect on the specific strain you are smoking.

If you are interested in buying a custom glass bong, you have a lot of options. A great choice is a C2 Custom Creations bong. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes and know that you will be getting a long-lasting product.

Colors and Creativity

Glassblowing has been around for thousands of years. The art form lends itself to an endless combination of colors and shapes for your bong! If you are interested in environmental issues, you can even explore options like using recycled glass.

Different types of glass and glass blowing techniques lead to different colors and patterns. You can choose a bong that is your favorite color, or one that matches your favorite sports team’s uniforms!

Soft glass is very malleable during the glass-blowing process and can lead to amazing designs, but it is also more breakable when it hardens. A smart option is a borosilicate glass bong. This will last much longer due to its durability without compromising on color and creativity!

Make sure you are buying a bong that will last a long time and will be worth your money.

Big or Small Bong?

This customization may seem obvious, but it really connects to how you want to use your bong.

Will the bong be a centerpiece in your living room? A giant, functional glass sculpture that gets everybody talking? If so, then investing in a large, well-made bong is a great choice!

Or is it something you pull out on a quiet night with your friends and keep hidden away when not in use? If so, finding smaller bongs for sale might be a better option. There are many options for cheap bongs.

Both options are great, but this is an important question to answer before you buy. Especially if you are buying the bong as a gift for someone!

Slides and Ash Catchers

An ash catcher is used for filtering smoke and preventing debris and tar from dirtying up your bong. They come in a variety of shapes and can be an interesting way to customize your bong. They are great for gravity bongs because they can keep the water clearer for longer.

Slides are a very common way to customize your bong because they can be easily changed out. Bowl and funnel shapes are the two most common types of slides. Glass slides can be bought in a variety of different patterns and colors.


If you buy a wood bong, you may be able to do this at home, or you can take it to an engraving service.

Some great options for inscriptions are a name, a place, a favorite quote, or a simple image. If the bong is a gift, this can be an easy way to make the recipient feel extra special.

Do It Yourself!

If you don’t want to buy a custom bong from an established company, or you are trying to make something personal as a gift or keepsake, then a DIY project might be in your future!

If you don’t want to affect the surface of your bong, you can wrap jewelry and ribbons around the base to add some extra flair. This is especially great if you make your own jewelry.

If you are looking to prevent scratches and add a protective layer, something as simple as adding a fuzzy sock to the base can be a way to make your bong more unique. It can also save you money down the line by extending the life of your bong.

When decorating the surface of the bong, be sure to avoid using paint or stickers on the bowl piece itself! You don’t want to risk the heat reacting with the paint or adhesive in a negative way. However, you can be as creative as you want with those materials on the body of the bong.

Buy a Quality Product No Matter What

There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis. With the modern move towards legalization, there are more options than ever for creating a custom cannabis experience.