What Are the Five Best Songs About Gambling in Canada?

By Mitch Rice

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When something is popular, one of the things you quickly learn is that that popularity will spread across to other areas and industries. There will become movies about it, songs written about it, and other forms of art will depict it. This is true of the gambling world as well, as Canadians have come to enjoy music specifically written about gambling. Here are the five best songs about gambling that Canadians love the most.

No. 5 – Gambler’s Blues, B.B. King

The legendary blues artist was one of the first to come up with the song related to gambling. This song is mainly about rolling the dice and shooting craps, and is a song about the highs and lows of gambling. How a person may have the greatest of luck one moment, and then suddenly see things turned against him quickly. This is a story that virtually every gambler could tell, and King captures it perfectly in the song.

No. 4- Luck Be a Lady Tonight, Frank Sinatra

This song was one of the big hits from the musical Guys and Dolls. Oddly enough, it was Marlon Brando who sang the song in the movie, but Sinatra turned it into a personal classic. The song focuses on how fickle luck can be at times, and it is a prayer of sorts that luck will be with the gambler. That luck will be a lady who is captured by the charm and charisma of the one rolling the dice. This song has been a hit since the 50s and continues to be used in movies even today.

No. 3 – Ace of Spades, Motorhead

If you are a heavy metal fan, then you know this classic from one of the metal bands of all time. This song is a headbangers dream, and is a fantastic song about the ultimate card if you are a gambler. You may not want to play this song while at the casino, however, as it makes it hard to focus with your fist pumped in the air.

No. 2 – Poker Face, Lady Gaga

You are going to find that the most popular songs related to gambling are classics these days, but this Lady Gaga hit has brought new life to the gambling musical genre. This song has a number of poker references to it and focuses on keeping your cards close to your heart. It is a very popular song from one of the most popular artists of today.

No. 1 – The Gambler, Kenny Rogers

There is no song more firmly associated with gambling than this Kenny Rogers’ classic. The Gambler is all about playing poker, and has become a classic played for decades. No doubt that if you are gambling fan then you have heard this song dozens of times in your life.