Slot Machines Parasitizing Popular Bands & Singers

By Mitch Rice

One of the biggest attractions of Las Vegas are the slot machines. It welcomes interested players from all around the world every single day in thousands. Thus the many casinos in Vegas have incorporated clever additions with the slot machines that give it a fun turn and make it even more attractive to the many guests to Vegas. One of the most successful methods that they have employed is the parasitizing of popular bands, band members, or individual singers or composers. Many notable artists have come to the limelight in different Vegas casinos and that has only gone on to up the sales for these casinos and together with we look at the list a little closer.

Michael Jackson

Born on August 29th, 1958, the “King of Pop” has contributed greatly to American music through his songs. He wrote his own songs, sang them, and even added the coolest beats and steps to those songs. His charisma has led home to become one of the most iconic cultural figures in the world owing to his contribution to fashion, dance, and definitely to the music world. One of his most renowned dance moves around the world is the “Moonwalk” which he had dubbed “Robot” and had debuted in the song “Billie Jean ”. “Beat It”, “Thriller”, “Dangerous” etc. are some of his most popular music videos around the world. Michael Jackson also worked in collaboration with Lionel Ritchie to make the music video for “We Are the World”. This particular work was done in an attempt to raise money for poor people in both Africa and the United States of America and successfully earned $63 million. This song is still one of the best selling songs ever. In the 1980s, he had also collaborated with artists such as Paul McCartney and others.

Over the years till his sudden demise on 25th June, 2009, he had been a magician on stage with his unwavering talent. He still has millions of fans worldwide even 12 years after he had passed away and the Las Vegas casinos have found a fascinating way to use his name for the sake of their casinos. The Michael Jackson slots are loaded with exciting features which are lacking in an ideal slot machine which brings in the hordes of betters and gamblers. It is also available in online casino forums for anybody around the world to enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix or Johnny Allen Hendrix as is his birth name, was an established and talented musician and also belongs to the exclusive yet sad 27 club. He was born on 27th November, 1942 and died on September 18th of 1970 when he was 27. Though he had a relatively small life and hence career, he had started playing quite young and has left one masterpiece after the other. His musical career had only lasted for 4 years, but in this short time he had won the hearts of millions and is still winning them with his records and YouTube videos. He was not only a celebrated singer and musician but also wrote his songs. He has also been influential as an electric guitarist and has gone out of the ordinary norms to bring new essence in music. For example, the amplifier feedback from playing guitar was popularized by Jimi Hendrix through his many performances. During his small career, he had won so many hearts and rocked so many stages that he had won quite a lot of awards and accolades. “Melody Maker” readers had voted him to be the Pop Musician of the year, he got Artist of the Year from “Billboard” and Performer of the Year award from the Rolling Stone to name a few.

Jimi Hendrix’s fame still goes strong and he still has a huge base of fans all around the world. He is popular and his popularity has been used by casinos in Las Vegas to attract new customers and players. Jimi Hendrix had always had an offbeat, rebellious charm that has drawn millions of fans to him. This particular charm is monetized by casinos in the Jimi Hendrix Slot Machine which includes special features for the participants making it more fun for them to engage in gambling.

Guns N’ Roses

A lot of the 90s kids had grown up hearing the name of Axl Rose or Slash or have grooved to “November Rain” or “Knockin on Heaven’s Door”! Guns N’ Roses (abbreviated as GNR) included Axl Rose as vocalist, Slash as lead guitarist, Izzy Stradlin as rhythm guitarist, Duff McKagen, as bassist and Steven Adler as drummer when it was found in 1985. The band originated from Los Angeles in California and has been unstoppable in spreading their music throughout the world once it was formed. “Appetite for Destruction” was their first ever album and it easily reached the top on “Billboard 200” within a year of releasing. It included stunning and still popular songs such as “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child of Mine”, the latter is the only single by this band that had reached the top position of the “Billboard Hot 100”. The second studio album by the band was called “G N’ R Lies” and reached number 2 position in Billboard 200 selling approximately 10 million copies around the world and included another popular song, “Patience”. This success was followed by “Use Your Illusion”, both parts I and II which were produced and released simultaneously. These albums are listed in number 2 and number 1 positions of Billboard 200 respectively.

Their fame as music composers has been astounding over the years and they have garnered fans all around the world. They have been so popular that even the Las Vegas casinos have dedicated and designed a slot game on them. Called the Guns and Roses Slot machine, this game is loaded with new variants of the popular game and attractive features aimed at bringing more participants to the game. They even have options for fellows to play the slot machine online from the comfort of their homes.