Musicians Who Used To Gamble

By Mitch Rice

Musicians and pop stars have a lot of leisure time with huge bankrolls. Thus, it is not too surprising that many of them like to spend their free time doing something that has been one of the oldest pastimes in the world i.e. gambling. 

From card games, slots to roulette tables, musicians have their own personal favourites. Many musicians have been addicts as well. They have had their journey to recovery which also motivates other gamblers dealing with the same issue. 

Singers/Musicians Who Have Had Gambling Experiences

We have chosen the most fascinating stories for you:

Gladys Knight 

The Empress of Soul was fond of gambling. At a certain point of time in her life, she sort of became addicted to it which resulted in a lot of issues in her life. She was fond of baccarat and sports betting and placed a huge number of bets. 

In her autobiography, she has elaborated upon her gambling addiction and how she came out of it. However, it is still unknown whether she relapsed or not. Celebrities face a lot of pressure in their work-life which results in stress. That is relieved when they find an alternative method to keep their minds off it. This is exactly what happened to Knight as well. 

Lemmy Kilmister

Bass Player and Motorhead singer Lemmy used to be a huge gambling fan who tried many of these CasinoDeps sites that have the highest payout rates. His inclination towards gambling resulted in the band’s most well-known song ‘Ace of Spades’ which was one of the greatest hits of the time. 

Lenny had later admitted that the song had card references instead of slot references as they were harder to put into a song that fell under the rock genre. He used to be a slot lover and invested huge amounts in them. 

P Diddy

This NYC rapper and songwriter has massive musical achievements and is known for his multiple name changes. His passion lay towards Blackjack and he was known for his skills and passion while playing. In the year 2002, he was requested to play at an opening concert of Harrah’s Atlantic City where new blackjack tables were installed. 

Not only did he perform that day but was also the first person to invest in the luxurious blackjack tables. He was a blackjack ambassador and got several invitations from casinos to be featured as the public figure for their events and new launches. 


This famous songwriter, singer, entrepreneur, actor and rapper had a fondness for poker. He has had a lot of success in this table game and won several bets. The two time Grammy winner had played the main event at the World Series Of Poker in 2007. 

He was known to travel exclusively to attend poker events around the world. He had also taken part in PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and The PokerStars European Poker Tour. 

Frank Sinatra

Long before Las Vegas was known to be popular for the casino culture, this musician was a regular there and loved to bet on the most popular casino games. With over 150 million records sold worldwide, this artist was known to be one of the best-selling artists of the time. 

This star brought fame to Vegas and had been a constant ever since the 50s through the 90s. He was a major reason behind Vegas’s popularity as the gambling destination. Sinatra even owned a casino in Vegas. 

Scott Ian

He is one of the members of the heavy metal band Anthrax and has an extensive music career. He had won one of the tournaments and was also a part of the World Series Poker Tournament with Nelly who was a gambling enthusiast as well. 

Cee Lo Green

This rapper has composed many songs based on bling, fortune and money and is a regular patron of the casinos worldwide. 

Jay Chou

He is a Chinese singer with several mandopop hits. He has a large fortune on himself. However, he lost nearly $2 million on one of his most recent trips to a casino in Singapore. 

Concluding Thoughts

Musicians do experience a lot of stress and anxiety being in this industry on a daily basis due to work pressure. The fame and money they inherit are indeed marvellous yet challenging as they have to live up to the expectations. 

Sometimes, in order to alleviate that, gambling seems to be a way out and they pick that up. It is a form of distraction that also helps them to calm down.