How Are Red, White, and Green Kratom Different from Each Other?

By Mitch Rice

Unless you’ve had your head under the sand, you must have heard about Kratom by now! The evergreen tree native to South-East Asia has been gaining popularity worldwide for its medicinal properties. It serves as a natural remedy for a variety of illnesses and ailments. As a result, the West has adopted these natural compounds to inculcate a healthier and more fulfilling life. Unlike over-the-counter drugs, they do not produce any adverse drug reactions or side effects. The vast number of strains and varieties available in the market can confuse beginners significantly. If you plan to experiment with wholesale Kratom but don’t know where to start, you are at the right place. Read on to learn more about the differences between the red, white, and green Kratom strains and their benefits!

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a South-East Asian evergreen tree whose leaves have several medicinal and therapeutic properties. Mitragyna Speciosa comes in several strains and varieties, depending on their maturity and leaf or stem color. People prefer different categories as they differ in their overall effect and medicinal benefits. Some help relax our nerves and muscles, while others aid in stimulating our cognitive and intellectual functioning. As a result, the strain you choose is the most crucial parameter that determines your user experience. These compounds have a long tradition of working as integral natural remedies for the natives living in South-East Asia. Indigenous communities from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, and Bali all use these plants to treat various illnesses and ailments.

Types of Kratom

The three primary categories of Kratom veins available in the market are as follows;

Red Vein

Mature Kratom leaves that have grown into their final form have a red tinge to their stems and leaves. Some people wrongly assume that higher maturity always translates to better results. However, this might not be the case with some people, as all our bodies react differently to such products. Since different strains have varying alkaloid concentrations, they differ in their spectrum of effects and unique benefits. Out of the three varieties, Red-veined Kratom has the most balanced alkaloid profile, powering its potency. As a result, products made using these compounds produce an intense effect or impact on consumers. Here’s a quick look at the various benefits that such products can provide you.

  1. Potent analgesic that helps with pain management
  2. Mild sedation and relaxing effects
  3. Improved focus, alertness, and concentration
  4. Energy boost
  5. Anxiety management

Some of the most popular strains under this variant are as follows.

  • Maeng Da: Potent analgesic that also provides mild sedation
  • Red Thai: Milder strain that produces light relaxation and pain relief
  • Red Bali/Borneo: Stronger varieties that have sedative and relaxing properties
  • Red Indo: Perfect for a quick boost of energy and to improve focus and concentration

Green Vein

Products that contain Green Kratom come from leaves that are of medium maturity. Most users prefer Green Vein Kratom as they produce subtle but long-lasting effects. Also, the color does not mean the product has items of medium-grade quality or potency. The maturity levels are not indicative of the vigor, strength, or concentration of these products. On the other hand, they help users determine the time of picking Kratom leaves. Here’s a list of the range of effects of such products.

  1. Quick energizer
  2. Uplifts your mood
  3. It brings about a more positive outlook on life
  4. Sense of calmness
  5. Improved focus

The most popular Green-vein strains are as follows.

  • Green Bali: One of the most relaxing products that boost motivation and optimism
  • Green Malay: Helps improve cognitive functioning
  • Green Indo: Perfect for calming yourself down if you suffer from anxiety attacks
  • Green Borneo: Mood enhances that helps create an upbeat and positive approach towards life

White Vein

Products containing white-veined extracts have leaves picked at the earlier stages of their maturity. As a result, White kratom Veins produce mild, subtle, and pleasant effects in humans. Most consumers associate them with peace-inducing and relaxing after-effects. However, these are rarer than the other two variants, making them slightly more expensive and harder to find. White-veined strains produce the following effects in consumers.

  1. Improved cognitive functioning
  2. Better mental clarity and focus
  3. Small energy boosts that resemble a caffeine rush
  4. Mildly euphoric
  5. Elevated sensory perception

Consumers can choose between the following white-veined strains and varieties.

  • White Bali: Mood enhancer that helps in achieving mental and physical relaxation
  • White Thai: Similar to the Bali variant, with lower analgesic and higher euphoric properties

Dosage Requirements

The intrinsic impact of these products can vary between individuals as everyone reacts to them uniquely. However, dosing guidelines usually factor in the consumer’s age, gender, weight, and overall health condition. Tolerance level is another crucial factor that impacts the overall effect of such products, as experienced users require higher doses over time. The quality of the powder or tincture also contributes to the overall impact. Hence, consumers should be careful regarding their purchases.

Beginners should start with doses as small as three grams before making their way up the potency chart. After taking the powder, users should wait for an hour to experience any changes and update or improve their intake. Beginners should avoid consuming more than five grams a day to prevent adverse drug reactions and overdoses. Consuming moderate amounts till you find the perfect dosage can ensure a positive user experience. With the green variants, experienced users can consume larger quantities as they produce milder and subtler effects. It is advisable to increment your dosage by as low as one gram to prevent them from catching you by surprise.

Additionally, consumers should ensure they buy premium quality products to prevent adverse and overtly mild reactions. Buy from reputed and credible companies that provide information regarding their manufacturing and process techniques. Many companies nowadays also provide third-party testing reports for such products to improve their trustworthiness. Consumers should go through these lab reports to ensure they understand the active ingredients in such supplements.

Final Thoughts

There is no clear winner between the different strains as they produce unique and special effects in users. However, with proper research and planning, consumers can find something that addresses their specific needs and requirements. Purchase decisions should depend on your personal preferences and the availability of quality products. However, staying educated regarding the unique after-effects induced by differing strains help in making better-informed choices. Additionally, consumers might need to try several varieties before they find the one perfect for them. Which Kratom strain has helped you the most? Help others make the right decision by sharing your experience in the comments!