How to quickly learn to play the guitar?

By Mitch Rice

Many people consider mastering the guitar an impossible task, which takes many years. This is partly true, but only if you want to master the tool at a professional level.

Beginners face difficulties every day when they start learning to play the guitar at home. Barre is not clamped; it is not possible to play a fight or a bust. Meanwhile, friends can perform a song by Metallica. A Chordify app allows beginners to extract chords from any YouTube video with their favorite songs.

People often want to learn to play the guitar to perform their favorite songs in the company or just for the soul. In this case, the training will not take much time and effort: you can quickly learn the basic chords and ways of playing in two or three months.

You have to understand that each person has different goals. To answer the questions of learning to play the guitar quickly, whether it is difficult or easy, how long it takes to master this instrument well from scratch-you need to understand what you want to achieve.

Now understand what you want. Do you want to be the company’s soul, play beautiful light melodies, and sing your favorite songs around the campfire? With the right approach, you can learn this yourself in a short time without leaving home. It is essential to observe the regularity of classes. It is enough for beginners to spend 2-3 hours playing the guitar every day and learn the necessary basics to see the first results in two weeks.

Basic principles

Two main basic points guarantee success in learning to play the guitar in 99% of cases:

  • Of course, you will need a guitar. It would be strange to learn to play the guitar without having the right instrument.
  • If not in the city, a burning desire to become the coolest guitarist, then at least in the surrounding area. Seriously. The competitive moment is perfect for spurring in any activity.

How to choose a guitar for beginners

To figure out how to quickly learn to play the guitar from scratch at home, first, you need to choose the right guitar for classes. It is best to start with acoustics. Do not buy too expensive option, but do not need to save money. Cheap (yard) guitars do not hold the formation well, and have the sound quality is not the best. These factors can discourage you from learning.

Finally, a few tips that will help you learn to play the guitar on your own and will not let your despair:

  • Always use multiple sources of information to fill in possible gaps and inaccuracies from one teacher to another.
  • Play every day: regular exercise will give you confidence. Remember that talent is only a tenth of success, and the rest is practice.
  • After you learn a couple of songs and efficiently perform them, invite your friends and play for them. Students will help you develop your charisma and point out your shortcomings.

And remember this thing: “Do not give up, even if you have already had a bad experience. Talent is only a tenth of success. Commitment and regular practice are much more important.”