The development of online games

By Mitch Rice

Computer games have been around since the creation of the personal computer. For a rather long time, the developers of computer games have had difficulties monetizing their games – due to low per capita income, users preferred to use illegal versions of the games instead of buying a licensed product. Nevertheless, the developers were not discouraged and continued to fill the game market with new products in this area, which also touched non gamstop casino.

From old models to new ones

Indeed, having a salary of about $200, it becomes tempting to download the illegal version of the game from the Internet, instead of buying a licensed copy. Times are changing, the country is developing. Per capita income is growing, and so is demand for licensed software. However, computer game developers have noticed that the demand for licensed games is growing much slower than the per capita income. This is largely due to the fact that two or three generations of people have been accustomed to using illegal computer games since early childhood, and buying CDs of licensed games is wild for them. Manufacturers of computer games managed to reverse this situation around the world by releasing online games, which uses the main plot of the game for the PC.

What is the difference between online games and traditional games?

The computer game, which the user had previously passed on a personal computer, playing in a club against a couple of friends or at home with a computer “bot”, in the online version is completely transformed. In the online version of the game the user has the opportunity to play against their friends, acquaintances, gamblers of the country and the world. In this case, against the user stands not a computer bot, and a real human mind, which has an individual thinking, can quickly adjust to changing situations, quickly draw conclusions, etc. Thus, the gameplay in the online game is unusual and exciting.

Online social networking games

In a separate type of online games modern marketers allocate so-called online games social networks. In our opinion, these games differ little from browser games. Their key feature is only an integration with the interface, the payment system of the social network. In this case, many of these games help social network to increase the loyalty of their own audience, as well as sell their own advertising network, as it plans to start doing the well-known domestic social network.

Online and slot machines

Also in a separate sphere of online games should be allocated so-called online and slot machines. The elimination of slot machines and in many countries led to the massive development of this segment of online games. In this case, this area is growing rapidly and to this day does not diminish the rate of growth. Currently, more and more players from around the world choose best online casino, which brings quick fun and quality recreation.

Online Gaming Market

The online gaming market is developing and rapidly expanding. There are new options for online games. For example, small games with an interesting storyline, posted on various online gaming sites allow the user to quickly rest during breaks at work, at home, etc. All the necessary information about the gameplay is stored directly in the user account, and the game files do not need to be installed on each computer – the whole process of downloading the game is carried out thanks to the site on which the game is placed. Under this description fits the currently popular online flash games.

Browser games

Online flash games are called browser-based online games, because they run through any web browser. Almost all browser games have a complete versatility. They can be run on a personal computer, on a laptop, Ultrabook, and even on a smartphone, tablet with Android or mobile Windows. As a rule, the main requirement is the presence of a mobile browser and installed extensions to it.

Global Video Game Market Growth

According to analyst firm SuperData, the video game market reached $126.6 billion in 2020 and grew by 12% over the year as many users were forced (due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic) to stay home and entertain themselves with digital games.

Free-to-play games continue to account for the bulk of gaming revenue, with users preferring sophisticated mobile games. In 2020, the mobile games market grew by 10% and accounted for 58% of the total gaming industry. Experts attribute the growth of this segment to the fact that most mobile gamers use smartphones and tablets not so much for travel, but as their primary gaming platform.


The computer games industry is a relatively young “representative” of the creative sector. Just a few decades ago it was a primitive entertainment, making the stay of guests in pubs more pleasant. Today, the situation has changed dramatically. The gaming industry is experiencing an upward trend, unlike many other spheres associated with culture. Gaming, today, is a great source of entertainment. If you add up all the hours of active gaming and watching, it is the world’s most beloved pastime.