Top Songs About Gambling and Casinos

By Mitch Rice

Casinos and music are the opposite sides of the same coin as one would say. Songs with recurrent tropes of casinos and gambling promote the recreational world of gambling, card games, and bets. While there have been numerous movies that have been created around gambling, independent casinos such as CasinoGap and betting storylines, the music and title tracks featured in these movies have been foot-tapping numbers with huge fan followings.

The mysterious world of gambling and casinos has been a topic of quite many award-winning songs and albums by great artists like Lady Gaga, ABBA, Kenny Rogers, The Motorhead- whose songs have changed the billboard charts forever. 

A Playlist for the Game 

Some songs deal with heartbreak in life and in gamble while other songs compare the journey of life with the adrenaline rush of a successful casino game. This article by ThatEricAlper lists out some of the top songs which have left an indelible mark on the minds of gambling aficionados and people alike. 

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

No playlist is complete without this all-time classic by Kenny Rogers which in its true country style narrates the story of a washed-down gambler. 


Soulful guitar riffs and baritone voice makes it a perfect accompaniment for online gambling sessions or as a background score for casinos looking for mellow mature tunes to set the atmosphere for exciting casino games. 

Viva La Las Vegas by Elvis Presley

Everybody is familiar with the inimitable connection between Las Vegas and casinos- Las Vegas being the casino capital of the world. 


The King of Rock’n’roll, Elvis Presly was surely acquainted with that when he released his song Viva la Las Vegas, paying tribute to one of the most exciting cities in the world. Think of Presley’s one-of-a-kind baritone set against groovy music which surely takes one to Sin City- like no other song. 

Poker Face by Lady Gaga

One of the most iconic performers in the late 2000’s- Lady Gaga has captured attention from her fans all around the world. Poker Face is one of the most easily recognizable songs from Gaga’s discography; play the cards with spades to start/And after he’s been hooked/ I’ll play the one that’s on his heart making direct references to card games and gambling tactics. 


This song is a must-have in casino playlists as a popular song, garnering attention from players and patrons. 

The Winner Takes It All by ABBA

A cult classic from the Disco Era- world-famous Swedish pop band ABBA won the hearts of many gamblers by releasing this catchy yet melancholic number. The lyrics of the song became easily recognizable because of its explicit gambling trope “I’ve played all my cards/And that’s what you’ve done too/The Winner Takes it all/ The loser standing small”. 


The pop band successfully manages to capture heartbreak through a set of lost casino games- making this song a silent classic amongst gamblers. 

Gambler’s Blues by B.B King

Heartbreak and fear of dejection is something every gambler has to put at a stake while participating in casino games. 


B.B King poignantly captures this mood through his song “Gambler’s Blues” through its subtle lyrics ‘I don’t claim to be no gambler people, I don’t know much about the dice’ and soulful whiffs which accompany the song making it the perfect background music for mature gamblers. 

Casino Boogies by Rolling Stones

One of the most famous rock bands in the world, The Rolling Stones created a classic song capturing the chaotic mystique of casinos after being inspired by the band’s time in exile in the south of France when they visited nearby casinos of the town. 

Black Queen by Stephan Stills

An underrated classic from the 70s’, Stills left no room for doubt while writing this song beginning with the line ‘This is a song about a card game’. – making it a certain homage to the complexities of a simple game of cards that enlivens any casino room. 

Concluding Thoughts 

ThatEricAlper admits that the music industry has for a very long time been intrinsically connected to the casino business – which has influenced various pop culture cult classics in different genres of books, movies, and songs. Nobody can deny the power of powerful, good music that stirs the soul of its audience while spreading the joys and losses of gambling and casinos. 

It is to be noted that the songs are not intended to promote or lure punters to make risky investments in casinos. The songs are merely for entertainment purposes which often have a relaxing effect on players involved in high-stake games. Every good casino boasts of a stellar playlist and next time you’re out and about keep an ear out for these classics which will certainly get the reader into the mood for some serious gambling and win exciting jackpots!!