7 Essential Tips for Rainbow Six Siege Newcomers

By Mitch Rice

The new additions in the form of operators, maps, and weapons are what make this addictive PC game, Rainbow Six Siege, even better. However, if catching up and competing with the veterans out there gives you a shiver then this article is exactly what you need. The AimClub team has rounded up the best tricks and tips that can let you play Rainbow Six Siege as a pro. Before you get started spend some time understanding the basics. Educating oneself is valuable which lets you hit the battlefield with confidence.

Focus on the situation

Rainbow Six Siege throws 11 unique missions that the player needs to play through. Each of these missions teaches you something more about the operators or the maps. Every mission throws up its own challenge. It could be to kill the terrorists or to extract the hostage. There are also three challenges for each Situation that is designed to help you upskill in the game. While some challenges want you to perform a headshot, others may pose tasks like finishing the mission without losing a lot of health or using the operator gadget in a particular manner. Every feat that you complete awards you 200 Renown. This is the in-game currency that can be used to buy weapon attachments, to unlock the operators, and much more. You can play the Situation several times. These are played offline and help you master ways to handle weapons, the working of the unique gadgets, and trains you on how various Situations need to be approached.

By-Heart the maps

As a newcomer, you are not well versed with the maps and this is your biggest disadvantage in the game. The map lets you understand your position in comparison to the enemy. It lets you strategize the angles that you should hold and what you should destroy. The map guides you in figuring out if you are in sight of a camera, what are your nearby surroundings and which is the fastest way to reach the objective? The majority of amateur players get killed because of a lack of awareness. And the best way to get an edge is by figuring out the varied routes on the map. Just roam the map, figure out the ladders and stairs position and take note of the position of the camera. Playing solo lets you scan the map completely.

Try out some operators

There are more than thirty different operators that Rainbow Six Siege lets you choose from. Some of them are attackers and the others are defenders. The number of operators in this game is continuously increasing. Narrow down to a few that appeal to you and start mastering one at a time. There are some operators like Caveria who are more advanced. Ask and Sledge on the attacker side and Smoke and Rook on the defenders’ side are the best to start with.

Adjust the loadout

You can choose from varied guns in the game. These range from submachine guns, assault rifles, and shotguns. All these handle the game uniquely, react in a certain way and deal with a varied amount of damage. Every operator has access to one set of weapons and you are free to customise the attachment and design. Applying the grip helps to increase speed. When you adjust the loadout, pay attention to the recoil and damage to see how the changes are impacting the weapon. A headshot is the best way to kill the enemy efficiently. Adjust the loadout at the start of the game as per the map and your style of playing.

Hear the sound

Sound is important so make sure to turn up the volume to not miss out on anything. Your team should converse softly else you may end up missing an important sound which could be a vital clue. Good quality speakers or headphones could be a great investment. Everything makes sound be it walking, rappelling, or aiming. Floors make different sounds too. Being vigilant and understanding these sounds give you an added advantage in the game.

 Do not waste the drones

Drones are valuable and it pays to be frugal with them. Using them well will let you know the location of your enemy letting you take them down at once. The attackers will get just 45 seconds at the start of the round to drone and hunt for their objectives. Your teammates are doing the same. Once you mark the objective, lookout for the enemy, focus the drone on them which will add the operator symbol and will let your team know who they need to kill. Drones make a lot of noise and emit red light when they are active. If you are a defender then you should look out for these signs and destroy the drone immediately.

 Teamwork pays

Rainbow Six Siege is a team game with each operator posing a unique skill. Playing as a team, communicating well, and strategizing together makes the game plan effective, leading you to a quick victory.

 Get started!

Have you just started playing Rainbow Six Siege? These seven tips are here to guide. It will let you jump into the battlefield and knock your enemies down.