Live Casino House Explain why it is the Japanese favorite online casino

By Mitch Rice

This article provides an in-depth explanation of Live Casino House, which has been called “the best live casino lineup in Asia” and “the fastest withdrawal speed in the industry”. This article is designed for those who want to know more about Live Casino House and those who want to review it.

  • Is it easy to digest live casino house bonuses?
  • What kind of company runs a live casino house?

In addition to basic information, we will also cover the above concerns in depth such as bonuses and withdrawal methods.

What is the live casino house: ライブカジノハウス? Must See Points

Founded in 2018, Live Casino House is an online casino based in the Philippines. While many casinos target Europe, Live Casino House focuses on Thailand, China, Japan, and other Asian countries.

Live Casino House is known as a casino with a lot of momentum and is well known among Japanese players with a Japanese name: ライブカジノハウス. On numerous casino comparison sites, you can also read many reviews of the live casino house, particularly for Japanese players.

Who this casino is for

  • I like live casino
  • I want to make withdrawals easy
  • The VIP system is important

People for whom this casino is not suitable

  • I like the bright and modern atmosphere.
  • I don’t do live casinos.

The industry’s largest lineup of live casinos

As you can imagine from the name, Live Casino House is an online casino that focuses on live casinos as its main selling point. They have the largest selection of live casino games in Asia with 10 live casino game providers.

A total of more than 500 beautiful dealers from all over the world will welcome players. You can also narrow down the games by the characteristics of the live dealers, such as “New Dealers”, “South American Dealers”, “Western Dealers”, etc.

ライブカジノハウス Live casino house: Fastest withdrawal speed in the industry

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Live Casino House has a great commitment to withdrawal speed and is regarded as one of the fastest in the industry. They also publish the average processing time for each withdrawal method on their official Twitter page.

  • iWallet: 5.9 minutes
  • Venus Point: 4 minutes
  • Ecopayz: 4.1 minutes
  • Bitcoin: 6.1 minutes

All averaged out to about five minutes! If you are choosing for withdrawal speed, I can highly recommend Live Casino House ライブカジノハウス. I have a feeling it won’t be long before they change their name to Withdrawal Casino House (lol).

The New Live Casino House VIP System

Live Casino House is one of the casinos that focuses on the VIP system, with five different levels of VIP, each with a different level of treatment. For example, VIP Amethyst offers a 0.70% rebate bonus on slots, while VIP Emerald offers a 0.80% rebate bonus. There will also be additional VIP-specific support and year-end gifts.

VIP-only line support is back!

Live Casino House’s VIP-only LINE support has been restored. What’s more, VIP members will receive $20 cash with 1X withdrawal requirements when they request a friend.

ライブカジノハウス Live Casino House Bonuses

Let’s start by taking a look at the bonus-related issues that concern you. Live Casino House frequently holds strong bonus campaigns that make you wonder if it is safe to hold such a great deal. Live Casino House frequently holds strong bonus campaigns that make you wonder if they are really that good. 

The bonus at Live Casino House ライブカジノハウス is also very attractive because there is no betting limit or prohibited games. This is highly recommended for players who place importance on bonuses.

Live Casino House ライブカジノハウス Registration Bonus 

First of all, you get a bonus just for registering (no deposit required). You can get $30 + 20 free spins just by registering at Live Casino House. If you want to try out Live Casino House but don’t want to spend your own money right away, this is a good option for you. The game is YGGDRASIL’s GEM ROCKS, a popular and explosive slot game.

Live Casino House ライブカジノハウス First Deposit Bonus

When you make your first deposit at Live Casino House, you will receive a 200% bonus on your deposit (up to a $400 bonus).

The withdrawal requirement for the deposit bonus is only 15x, and there are no betting limits or prohibited games, so the hurdle to clearing the withdrawal requirement is lower than other casinos.

Live Casino House General (ライブカジノハウス) Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • Withdrawal requirements: 40 times the bonus amount
  • Type: Separate type
  • Expiration date: 30 days
  • Betting restrictions: None

Live Casino House is a casino with a separate bonus system. In a separate system, the real money you deposit and the bonus money you receive are kept separate, and the bonus money is used after you have spent all your real money. The bonus money is a second chance after the real money.

The advantage of the separate type is that the bonus withdrawal requirement does not apply to real money winnings. As long as you meet the real money withdrawal requirements (1x the deposit amount), you can discard the bonus money and withdraw immediately.

And even if the bonus withdrawal requirement does occur, the withdrawal requirement is slightly lower than average at 30x. And there is no betting limit.

Rate reflected in withdrawal conditions

Types of Games  percentage 
slot  100%. 
Oasis Poker  40%. 
pontoon  40%. 
puntobanco  40%. 
Caribbean Poker  40%. 
Video poker (all types)  15%. 
Blackjack (all types)  15%. 
Roulette (all types)  15%. 
Baccarat (all types)  15%. 
instant game  15%. 

Other notable bonuses from Live casino house (ライブカジノハウス)

Weekly cash back bonus of up to $10,000 

Live Casino House offers up to 10% cashback (up to $10,000) on all cash bets made in a week! This is a great discount compared to other online casinos. The rebate amount varies depending on the player’s rank, Regular or VIP.

Weekly rebate bonus of up to 1 

At Live Casino House ライブカジノハウス, they offer rebate bonuses of up to 1%! You can earn up to $3,000 in rebates on live casino games and up to $5,000 on slot games. The rebate amount varies depending on the player’s rank, Regular or VIP.

Live Casino House also offers a variety of other bonus promotions. For example, if you deposit during your birthday month, you can get 100% of your deposit up to $100. or the “Autumn Harvest Festival” where you can win cash prizes by competing for the record number of spins. Aim to be the No. 1 slot champion” and more.

What games can I play at Live casino house イブカジノハウス? An overwhelming number of providers

Next, let’s talk about the game lineup. Live Casino House has a large number of game providers. We have 10 live casino providers, 38 slots providers, Slingo, Virtual Sports, and 4 other providers… 52 game providers in total. There are also many rare games that are hard to find outside of Live Casino House イブカジノハウス.

Live casino game providers

n2-LIVE / Ezugi / EvolutionGaming / GAMEPLAY / DeluxeGOLD / TAISHAN / AsiaGaming / Microgaming / HOGaming / VIVO GAMING

Live Casino House Official Payout Percentage

The following is the official payout percentage as announced by Live Casino House イブカジノハウス.

Live Casino  97.05%. 
slot  95.88%. 
Virtual Sports  106.33%. 
Table Games  96.33%. 

How to Deposit at Live Casino House (ライブカジノハウス)

Live Casino House is a rare online casino that accepts credit cards such as JCB, American Express and Discovered, not to mention Ecopays and iWallet. In addition, they also support Bitcoin from 2019. For more information, please refer to the table below.

Settlement method  Minimum Amount  top dollar 
Ecopays $10  $5000 
eco-voucher  $10  $5000 
eyewallet $10  $5000 
Venus Point $10  $5000 
Credit Card

(VISA / MasterCard / JCB / AMEX / DISCOVER) 

$10  $5000 
Bitcoin $10  $5000 

There is a 2.25% fee for credit card transactions and no fee for other transactions.

How to Withdraw Money from Live Casino House (ライブカジノハウス)

Live Casino House has a strong commitment to the withdrawal method and aims to be the fastest in the industry. In fact, if you look at the reactions of players on Twitter, you’ll see that they are quite positive: “The withdrawal speed is so fast, it’s laughable”, “It’s as good as it gets”, “The withdrawal was completed as expected”. There are also a lot of players who are sharing their evidence with screenshots as if it is a common practice in live casinos.

Settlement method  Minimum Amount  top dollar 
Ecopays $10  $5000 
eyewallet $10  $5000 
Venus Point $10  $5000 
Credit Card

(VISA / MasterCard / JCB / AMEX / DISCOVER) 

$10  $5000 
Bitcoin $10  $5000 

There is a $5 fee for withdrawals of less than $50 and no fee for withdrawals of $50 or more.

Mobile version of Live Casino House (イブカジノハウス)

Live Casino House (ライブカジノハウス) recently updated the design of the mobile version in response to player requests. I was surprised to find that it is much easier to use. I used to say that the mobile version was a bit difficult to use, but with this update, I can no longer say that. There are now two levels of filters available to make it easier to find the games you want to play.

The fact that the mobile version is now easier to use is of course great, but the attitude of actively listening to players’ requests on Twitter and other platforms is the most highly rated.

  • Home
  • Game selection screen

ライブカジノハウス Live Casino House Support

Live Casino House offers professional customer support in Japanese. I have found Live Casino House’s support to be exceptionally courteous and friendly. They are also very friendly. I was also impressed by the way they responded to my tweets about Live Casino House on Twitter.

Most online casinos offer support by phone, email, or chat, but Live Casino House (イブカジノハウス) also offers a messaging app. Our support is available 24/7 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Japan time, and you can also email them at

ライブカジノハウス Live Casino House Reputation

Based on the reviews so far, let’s check out the reputation of actual players. Reputation is an excerpt of opinions that stood out from Twitter, message boards, and direct interviews.

Good reputation

  • Withdrawal speed is unusually fast.
  • Lax betting conditions
  • VIP support is good.
  • This is the place to go for a live casino.

Bad Reputation

  • There was a mistake in the VIP agreement.
  • If you want to focus on slots, you don’t have to be here.
  • I think they’re just copying a certain casino.

How do I register for Live Casino House: ライブカジノハウス?

To register at Live Casino House ライブカジノハウス, all you need to do is fill out a few forms. Registration is free (rather, you get a bonus) and can be completed in as little as 3 minutes. Let’s check out the registration process in brief here. First, check out the video of the registration process:

Step 1

Click Register Now in the upper left corner.

Step 2

Select Email and Password

Step 3

Enter your name, address, zip code, phone number, date of birth, gender, and passage.

Live Casino House ライブカジノハウス: Management Company

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Live Casino House is based in the Philippines, not far from Japan. Most online casinos are located in Europe, but in Asia, the Philippines is the most common location. The Philippines is the most common location for online casinos in Asia, and it has the advantage of having less time difference from Japan, which makes it easier to set up a support system.

The office of Live Casino House is located in Makati City, a business district in the Philippines. The city is adjacent to Mania and is known as the economic center of the Philippines.

Live Casino House is licensed by Curaçao eGaming, a gaming watchdog organization, and is operated fairly.

Questions about Live Casino Houses ライブカジノハウス

What are the casino bonuses for Live Casino House ライブカジノハウス?

Registration bonus: $30 + 20 free spins

Deposit Bonus: $900 + Lock Bonus: $30

How do I make a deposit at Live Casino House ライブカジノハウス?

EcoPayz EcoVoucher / iWallet / Venus Points / Credit Card / Bitcoin

*Minimum deposit, maximum deposit, and other details are in this article.

How do I withdraw money from Live Casino House ライブカジノハウス?

Ecopays / Venus Points / Bitcoin / iWallet

*Minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts and other details are available in this article.

What is the game lineup of Live Casino House ライブカジノハウス?

A total of 52 game providers are available.