Can Music Cure Depression & Motivate?

By Mitch Rice

Have you ever experienced the uplifting effects of music on our minds, especially when we are depressed or sad? Many therapists use music therapy to address and assess individuals’ mental, emotional, physical, and social needs. While listening to music in a therapeutic context, individuals feel that they can express themselves better.

Besides depression, music therapy can benefit all ages battling different illnesses, including young children and hospitalized teens. Music is an efficient source to accomplish certain goals that vary from one person to another. For instance, by listening to music, patients and depressed people feel relaxed as they have found the right to express themselves. What cannot be conveyed by words can be effectively conveyed via music.

Even the simple tasks of singing, writing lyrics, and playing musical instruments can serve as the perfect outlet for surplus feelings and emotions, so music is seen as therapy. Music therapy can assist depressed teens and young adults in expressing themselves in the best way and eliminating negative emotions and feelings.

How does music motivate us?

Since we have established and accepted the potential power of music, we understand the music can boost our potential and expand our level of endurance, which is also why sometimes players and sportsmen are banned from listening to music while they are competing against other players.

You might have experienced this before – you woke up in a bad mood, turned on your radio, or swiped through your favorite music list, and Boom! Your mood is all changed, and you are ready to take over the day instead of allowing it to take you over. If you have ever needed a little push to start on your long-term goals, the right music can take you to the spot where you feel in complete control of yourself, and you are ready to ignite the fire inside of you and even around you; to get things done!

Music has the power to connect with the sympathetic nervous system of the human body, which pushes the body and mind to undertake action, especially in the face of ongoing challenging tasks.

What happens when we get pumped by the music we are listening to?

When you listen to uplifting beats, motivational songs, and energetic beats, your heart starts to kick in (adrenaline rush), your airways open, and your muscles want to move and crave action. When you are in a depressed state of mind, you lose interest in life and feel too sluggish to engage in activities that you once used to love. Enter your music game, and your body and mind start getting triggered with a desire to respond and get out of that state of sluggishness and boredom. Thus, music also induces physiological arousal, pushing the body and mind into action.

The faster and aggressive the music, the more our mind and body get pumped to take control and perform the most boring tasks efficiently. After knowing the power of music and its impact on the human body and soul, you might want to learn music online at Midder Music and start producing motivational music someday.