8 Tech-Driven Ideas Transforming the World

By Mitch Rice

No doubt, our future lives would be dominated by technology even more than they are today. Who would have imagined that we would be purchasing Cox Internet plans, ordering groceries, replying to emails, and performing other activities by giving voice commands to their voice assistant!

Thanks to technology, the innovative mindset has given birth to creative thinkers who have an eye on tomorrow. New ideas and new concepts are ensuring a more promising future. If you are wondering how technology will change the future, then stop for a moment and take a look at the past. These past lessons will keep us in a constant state of entropy as we move forward.

Now, let’s review incredible ideas driven by technology that is transforming the world:


1: Artificial Eyes That Fix Vision Impairment

It was the start of 2021 when a few Israeli surgeons implanted an artificial cornea into a 78-year-old blind senior fellow. It was the world’s first artificial cornea! When his bandages were removed, he was able to read and recognize his family. This implant fuses into human tissues naturally.

Belgian scientists developed an eye that could fit into smart contact lenses and correct various vision disorders. These days, scientists are working on creating wireless brain implants that don’t even need eyes.

There is ongoing research at Monash University Australia allowing a user to wear glasses fitted featuring a camera. These glasses send data to the implant (which is located on the brain’s surface) and give the user a sense of sight.


2: Airports for Flying Taxis and Drones

Did you know the UK government has already started working on creating a plan for the first urban airport? This hub is powered by a hydrogen generator. The mission is to remove the need for personal cars and delivery vans on the road and replace them with cleaner alternatives like small aircrafts. Hyundai and Airbus are working on creating the designs of these aircraft.


3: Smart Sutures for Detecting Infections

A 17-year old invented sutures that change color (from red to dark purple) when a wound becomes infected. This is done by detecting a change in the pH level of the skin. When the patient’s wound is infected, the pH level rises from 5 to 9.

These smart sutures are now available and are capable of detecting the status of the wound by changes in electrical resistance. It notifies the user about the change via a message which you will receive on your smartphone.


4: Robotic Guide Dogs

Robotic guide dogs are a thing. They are very useful for the visually impaired who can’t keep a real animal. This robotic dog functions like a real dog. It uses real-time data to show quick and safe routes to reach a particular destination.

Developed by Anthony Camu, this robotic guide dog is named Theia. It’s a portable and concealed handheld device that helps the user to navigate through outdoor environments as well as large indoor spaces by giving very little input. Theia uses the Control Moment Gyroscope to move the user’s hand and lead them physically.


5: Self-Healing Concrete

This living concrete is created by using gel, sand, and bacteria. It’s a building material that is capable of self-healing. Plus, it’s more environmentally friendly than regular concrete (which is the 2nd most consumed material on earth).

So basically with self-healing concrete, we would be able to construct buildings that can heal the crack on its own. It’s also capable of sucking up dangerous toxins from the air. A cool feature of the concrete is that it can glow when you want it to. Also Visit here: TheBoomerangShop


6: Fast Charging Car Batteries

Every motorist or electric vehicle owner has wished their batteries could be charged in a few minutes and they don’t have to take longer breaks.

Researchers at the Penn State University, USA have found that if lithium-ion batteries are heated at 60 degrees Celsius for ten good minutes, then allowed to cool down rapidly at ambient temperature, this could prevent battery degradation.

They have, hence, come up with a self-heating battery design using thin nickel foil for creating an electrical charge that heats the battery in less than thirty seconds. The car’s cooling system takes care of the rapid cooling, which is required after the battery has charged.


7: Coffee Biofuel

Who doesn’t love coffee and its incredible aroma? Unfortunately, the coffee industry in London creates 200k tons of waste each year. To tackle this waste, a company named Bio-Bean turns 85 percent of the coffee waste into biofuel which is used for powering transport and providing heating in buildings.


8: Floating Farms

The United Nations predicted that by 2050, there will be 2 billion people in the world and the demand for food will increase by 70%. By that time, about 80% of the population would be living in cities and the food we eat would be brought in by farms. If farms are built on coastlines, closer to the cities, this would significantly reduce food miles.

These smart floating farms are powered by solar panels and they are already in progress. They are capable of growing vegetables using nutrients in liquid instead of soil.