Best Thunderkick Casino Slot Games Releases

By Mitch Rice

The world of online slot games is constantly evolving and it leaves players baffled about the directions that it will take next. One of these massive developments in the industry will always be the new developers on the casino slot game scene – visit Online Canadian Casino.

This is where we would like to introduce, for those who do not know, the fantastic and relatively new online casino slot game developer, Thunderkick. If you are sitting there with your head in your hands wondering who the hell Thunderkick is then we can only condemn you for not knowing because they are one of the hottest online slot game developers right now!

So, if you want to know who the mysterious software creators Thunderkick are, and what their best online casino slot game releases could be then we suggest that you read on and clue up!

Who is Thunderkick?

This online casino slot game releaser may have gone under the radar for a few of you simply because they are arguably very small and completely relatively new. That being said, we believe that Thunderkick produces some of the best new casino slot game releases and you would be mad not to miss them.

So, for that matter we have all the information on Thunderkick you need to know so that you can get playing (and winning!) on their newest and best casino slot game releases:

  •         They were born in 2012, a time in the online world where the feet of igaming and live casinos were just starting to be placed on the floor. Thunderkick had formed themselves in the peak of online casino slots development and have been able to adjust to any new evolution the industry has turned in!
  •         Just like with most of the top-rated slot game developers, Thunderkick’s inception was in Sweden and has moved to have offices in other countries around Europe, including beautiful Malta! Coming from the country that arguably makes the best online slot games, you sure know that you can trust Thunderkick’s new online casino slot releases.
  •         Thunderkick knows how to make cutting-edge slot games that completely subvert the expectations of any igamer. They pride themselves on creating new online slot game releases that adhere to individuality, uniqueness, and fun. Now, if you do not like those key aspects then you certainly will not like Thunderkick.

What are Thunderkick’s Best Online Casino Slot Game Releases?

We have been yapping on about Thunderkick for far too long now and if you have made it this far then there is no doubt that you want to know what the best online slot game releases by Thunderkick are.

It is hard for us to choose the best online slots developed by Thunderkick because they have so many and they are all so enjoyable to play! For that reason, we have listed our top five Thunderkick slot games so that you can choose for yourself:

  1.       Pink Elephants 2
  2.       Big Fin Bay
  3.       Crystal Quest: Arcane Tower
  4.       Jin Chans Pond of Riches

5.       Sword of Khans