Pro Tools to Help Find Anyone’s Email Online

By Mitch Rice

We all want to make a connection – whether it’s for personal reasons or as part of our job, being able to reach out to someone via email or phone is important. We live in a digital world, and today, our lives are connected through a digital umbilical. From social media to our smart houses, everything revolves around technology. And you can bet your bottom dollar that you cannot connect to your modern television or log into your Netflix without an active email address.

But how do we message someone if we don’t know their email address? Especially when we don’t know their phone number either? Luckily, there is no reason to throw a tantrum – modern software has advanced enough to allow us to locate almost anyone’s personal information using their name. Scary food for thought, isn’t it? Below, we’ve compiled a selection of useful tips that may help you on your quest to find that elusive email. Let’s walk through them together, shall we?

Use Google to Guess an Email

Today, there are many search engines available, but Google remains the most popular search tool. Do you know the phrase ‘Google it’? Of course, you do; everybody knows that if you can’t remember something, all you have to do is type it out in Google and click enter.

Emails are no different. If you happen to have the person’s full name, you could use Google’s powerful algorithms to make an educated lucky guess. While many people have the same names, only one result is the person you are looking for. So make sure to scan the information that pops up thoroughly before you fire off that quick email – it might not be the person you are looking for.

Once you search Google using the person’s name, you will receive several key results that could help you identify a valid email address:

  • Personal Website;
  • Social Media Accounts;
  • Ad Listings;

Any of these findings could contain your target’s email address. Personal Websites contain About Me pages where contact information is listed. Finding what you are looking for there is your best bet. Social Media Accounts could save you some time contacting your target – just send them a direct instant message. Keep in mind that you need to make sure that you’ve got the correct Facebook or Twitter profile. Nobody wants to get embarrassed messaging a complete stranger, right? Finally, Ad Listings include any advertisements your target may have started online. It’s slightly unlikely that you will see any Ad listings (unless looking for a product or service provider’s info), but we had to include it as a possibility.

Note that this method isn’t completely full-proof, but it is pretty quick, free, and doesn’t require installing any additional software. However, the time it will take to look through every result might not be worth the effort.

Use ‘Find That Lead’ Email Search

Find That Lead is Software as a Service, or a SAAS tool. As the name suggests, it exists to give you a lead on your search inquiry. The tool is mainly used by medium to larger businesses to generate mailing lists for their recruiting or marketing teams. With that list, they can reach out to new job candidates or customers to broaden their connections. The main target here is B2B (business to business), but any individual can use it for personal use.

There are several features on Find That Lead that will help you locate an email address.

  • Lead Search and Domain Search

Using this feature is relatively simple. All you need to find an email address is the person’s full name. If you are searching for the email address of a particular company, you will also need to add the company or domain name. Once the information has been submitted, Find That Lead will show you all possible email addresses. Next to the email address, you will see a percentage – that is the likelihood that this particular email is valid. If it’s close to 100%, you can rest assured that everything is ok. However, if it’s closer to 10%, you might want to double-check if the information you entered is correct. Using a domain to identify an email is simple as well. Just type it out in the required field, and the information will appear.

  • Email Verifier

This feature complements the Lead Search feature by making sure you don’t waste your time sending emails that will just bounce back to you. If you are just looking for a single person’s email, you won’t see much traffic in this area. This feature is mainly targeted at bigger companies that send thousands of emails per day.

  • Social URL Search

This feature does exactly as its name suggests – it extracts email addresses from a social network profile. All you have to do is copy + paste a link into the search bar, and press enter. It saves tons of time looking through someone’s profile only to leave empty-handed. Keep in mind that this feature only works with LinkedIn and Twitter. You won’t be able to search someone’s Facebook profile for an email using this.

Use ‘’ email finder

Adapt prospector is an online Chrome extension. As an extension, has no additional software installation, which makes it a safe and reliable online tool. The tool allows users to extract basic contact information such as first and last name, title, company name, personal domain, address, phone number, and email.

Adapt allows users to prospect up to 5 social profiles per day. Once 24 hours have passed, users can initiate another 5 searches. Once the inquiry has been made, Adapt will search through its database and deliver the desired information. The contact info is kept hidden from the user. After it has been validated, users can purchase this information, after which it will become visible.

Adapt’s goal is to streamline the email finding process. Users only pay if they are happy with the information they are provided.

Use ‘SignalHire’ email finder

One of Adapt’s biggest drawbacks, despite its affordable pricing plans, is a relatively small database of 100 million users. This seriously decreases your chances of finding the info you need. So, we suggest an Adapt alternative — SignalHire that comes with 450+ million verified contacts. The service is one of the most acclaimed email finders on the internet, and its Chrome extension already stood the test of time. The extension allows pulling contact info in a click when viewing someone’s social profile. Top websites that support the plugin are:

  • Facebook;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Twitter;

To extract contact information, users will need to allow the SignalHire plugin onto their Chrome (or Mozilla) browsers. After visiting a website and clicking on the SH logo on the top right side of the page, the extension will reveal a pop-up page with the option to reveal the data. That’s it. No further installations or downloads necessary.

SignalHire offers several fantastic features, but perhaps the one that stands out the most when looking for personal data online is the phone number search. SignalHire allows its users to locate anyone’s email address using only their phone number. This feature is particularly handy if you want to expand your email marketing campaign using an online phone registry.

SignalHire online database pulls data from publicly available sources and presupposes bulk contact search as well. Most importantly, any search performed using the online tool guarantees 100% security. Unlike other email finders, SignalHire does not employ malicious or dangerous trackers that breach data privacy.

Any of these methods should help you find practically anyone’s email online. Our final tip would be to start with free means — like googling or browsing social media — especially if you only need someone’s contact info once in a while. For professional use, it makes sense to pay for email finder software — after all, time is money, too.