Software for Students 2021: 8 Best Options For Free

By Mitch Rice

Being a student is tough. With deadlines and tons of assignments, college life may feel unbearable. Especially when your budget is small, and you have no opportunity to buy that amazing software to edit your essays. Nonetheless, tech experts have been working hard to develop top-notch software. Cherry on top – this software is free.

Check the list of the best software below that can cut your expenses during COVID-19.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Yes, this surprisingly basic software works magic. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides have confidently invaded the work-life of many office workers. Yet no wonder that we have forgotten about the importance of this particular software. Let us remind you why Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are an amazing option to have.

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  • It allows you to create the basic tasks an average professor would ask you to. With this software, you can freely create presentations, spreadsheets, and documents.
  • Great for collaboration. With Google, Sheets, and Slides, you can bring the collaboration with your research paper writer on or any other essay service to a brand new level. Also, this software is a blessing from heaven when it comes to group projects.
  • Effective option for collaborative editing. If your group has decided not to deal with editing services, try working together in Google Docs. The software allows a few people to work on the document simultaneously.
  • Regular autosaving. No comments here – your meticulous writing will never be lost.


For many students all over the world, LibreOffice has become a powerful substitute for Microsoft Office. And it’s always free.

  • Has 6 programs. LibreOffice suggests Math, Base, Calc, Impress, Writer, and Draw. All these parts repeat the functions of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word by Microsoft.
  • Perfect for Math students. Those special Math, Draw, and Base programs give you an opportunity to draw diagrams and execute calculations.
  • The developers promote democratic values. Yes, the developers of this free software believe that technology should be accessible to everyone. Regardless of their financial background.
  • An open-source project. Anyone can suggest effective changes to the software. Which means that the software is constantly developing and improving.

SoftMaker FreeOffice

Seems like the technology market is getting more and more democratic. Or the companies have declared war on the mogul of the IT industry, which Microsoft has become. Like LibreOffice, SoftMaker FreeOffice suggests everything that Microsoft Office has. Unlike LibreOffice, this particular software has fewer functions.

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Anyway, the perks of using SoftMaker FreeOffice are:

  • It mirrors everything that Microsoft Office does. For free;
  • If you pay more, the software unlocks additional features. For instance, Thesaurus, which can improve your essay writing skills and raise the rate of your academic assignments;
  • The programs, which the software suggests, are Presentations, PlanMaker, and TextMaker. We bet you don’t need further explanation of what these programs do.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

As the name says, this antivirus software aims to defend your computer from tech diseases. One of the strongest antivirus software, Bitdefender is compatible with various operating systems. Such as Linux, Microsoft, Android, and Windows. However, to use all the protection features, one must pay $35 per year. The only inconvenient moment about the Bitdefender Antivirus Free is unplanned scanning. The software starts scanning the computer without warning the user. Sometimes, it is pretty distracting. Especially while you are writing your term paper or preparing for the exam.


An excellent option for students studying art and design. From time to time, students get a task to show their creative genius. Whether it is creating posters or logos, Canva is a great helper when it comes to designing things.

  • Tons of templates. Canva templates are divided into categories. There, you can choose the options you like the most. Not all templates are free, but the basic collections show a variety of designs.
  • Font and color editing. Obviously, when you work with Canva, you work with texts. And writing in Canva is easy. Type the text and choose the font, color, and style. Just like in all other text-editing services.
  • Great for business startups. If you are a student who has decided to turn their brilliant idea into reality, choose Canva. Posters, logos, and business cards made with Canva will come in handy to promote your ideas and products.
  • Save in any format you like. After creating a poster or a card, download your project in pdf., jpeg, and other convenient formats. Or leave them autosaved on Canva.


The most famous alternative to Photoshop. Like the latter, GIMP suggests the same editing features. With this particular software, you can edit complex and simple images.

  • The range of functions is astonishing. One can use it for simple purposes like retouching the photos. Art students can use it to draw or make collages. As well as work on complex photo projects.
  • Paint. Brush, Pencil, and Airbrush are the main elements. Meanwhile, the blend and gradient tools are amazing. When it comes to drawing and painting, you can make your own brushes because the software supports custom brushes.
  • Advanced features. Use channels and layers to advance your art.
  • A variety of formats. The software supports all image formats one can imagine.

Photoshop Express

Though there are other options for Photoshop as an image-editing program, Photoshop Express is light and free. If you have never tried Photoshop, using Photoshop Express might be a good idea to check whether you like Photoshop in general.

But keep in mind that this Photshop version works only with jpeg. files. Your photos should also be under 16 megapixels. Certainly, this is not enough for big complex projects. But if you need to edit a picture and add it to your research paper – use Photoshop Express.


Probably, you have written too many papers and essays. Or learned how to cite and reference materials, and your computer’s memory is now clogged up. This is where CCleaner comes in help. The tool optimizes your system by deleting the files you no longer need. It also cleans the user’s Internet history and leaves the recycle bin empty.

Final Thoughts

Being a student is tough. Especially when you need to cut your expenses during the COVID-19 period. Luckily, technology developers have tried to make your college life easier. They have created software that is free and effective. We hope that the article has helped you find the software you needed. Stay tuned!