Most Popular Earring Styles Anticipated in 2021

By Mitch Rice

The ultimate accessory to make a statement-worthy style in 2021 is a pair of earrings. Great styles can be used to texture different outfits, from bold statement pieces with encrusted stones to chunky chain links and oversized ear cuffs. Earrings make for the most effortless way to elevate everything a woman owns – be it casual or formal wear. Bold and big-sized tassels and pendant drop earrings are featured in most top magazines, whereas one can also spot mismatched pairs and single-line earrings on runways and red carpets. Ahead, we have picked some of the best earring styles this year that are currently the hottest trends in the fashion world. Let’s take a look:

  1. Huggie Earrings

While diamonds have been in fashion since the beginning of time, gemstones are becoming increasingly popular with their natural healing properties. If you’re planning to switch to elegant Huggies from basic studs, then these earrings will be your next favorite thing. One of which is Shungite, which is an excellent option for people living in 2021 – surrounded by tech machines. Shungite creates a halo of protection against EMFs, produced by the multiple gadgets we use – such as mobiles, AirPods, laptops, tablets, etc. People who wear Shungite earrings will notice a positive impact around their head region, healing of their upper-body chakras, as well as clarity in thinking and an overall balance in life. You can style the shiny black lustrous stone with your outfits to add a touch of modernity and sophistication. 


  1. Dangle Earrings

An instant way to add glamour to your look? Trust these pretty pairs of dangler earrings to do the job – they can make any outfit look statement-worthy. If you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests then don’t look too far from the rich appeal offered by Tanzanite earrings. Once you wear these understated yet classic pairs of jewelry, you’ll instantly become the center of attention. Its violet-blue tint gives it a larger-than-life look that every jewelry-lover will truly adore. In fact, you can even switch to this style of earrings at work since they’re subtle yet chic enough to give a refined look to your formal wear. 



  1. Personalized Earrings

This season’s hottest trend – personalized jewelry, is the perfect way to get that unique customized look. You can choose simple styles in personalized earrings so that the engravings remain the main focus. If women want to give a modern twist to classic designs, then customized jewelry is the way to go – it’ll provide the perfect dose of modernity and urban elegance. You can pick floral motifs or classic styles and choose how you want to get the engraving done – on a metal disk hanging from a hoop or the length of it. You can boast these drop statement earrings with your favorite pick from the wardrobe and effortlessly finish off your high-polished look. They are definitely a must-have, be it daywear or nightwear ensembles, so no need to change into a different pair when going out for drinks with your gal pals. 


  1. Chandelier Earrings

Are you looking to make a grand entrance to a party? Chandeliers mark a dramatic oomph that’ll surely make your guests fawn over the design. Women can go for a cascading and heavy jewel that grazes the tops of their shoulders for maximum effect. Amethyst earrings add a feminine and contemporary touch to the pretty pairs for a dainty and sophisticated combination to wear at daytime and nighttime wear. The hazy purple pigment will pack quite a punch with a high-quality metal finish and add the perfect amount of sparkle and texture to your evening dress. All a woman needs is a pair of statement earrings and her smile to rule the world. 


  1. Teardrop Earrings

Delightfully classic, teardrop earrings are the in-the-moment jewelry piece that is here to stay with their refined and artful design. Since the era of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, teardrop earrings have been in fashion. Women who want to opt for an over-the-top, old Hollywood classic look should go for the White Diamond earrings without blinking an eye. Pair these with a sleek neutral shade or monochromatic gown to draw maximum attention. The bigger the size, the more impact they’ll draw – but make sure that they look proportionate to the rest of your face. The iconic translucent color and design will help to accentuate your face, so it will make for an ideal pick for almost all women out there.