What are Slot Machines’ Paylines and why 40 is the golden number?

By Mitch Rice


Online Casinos are constantly growing in popularity and are bringing more and more players into the game. There are different types of games that attract different players, and we can easily say that everyone will have bread for their teeth.

What the majority of the casuals playing on online casinos ignore are the mechanisms behind their winning chances. Some of them, for example, are the slot machines’ paylines, but don’t worry: I’m about to break them down to you in the easiest way possible!

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The basic knowledge.

Slot Machines’ paylines are the main component of this type of casino game, which is featured in almost every online casino. Probably it’s because of their appearance that players are venturing in more and more spins as time passes by. 

Let’s see what they are and how they work on the different types of slot machines.


What are paylines and why I should understand them?

Starting with a technical definition of paylines, we can say that they are nothing more than virtual sequences that take into account the position of symbols when they stop on the reels. If the combination of these symbols is winning according to the rules of the slot machine you are playing on, the payout line is activated, leading to the winning of a prize. This prize is of course to be considered as net: in fact, taxation for online slots is always done at the source and is, therefore, the operator’s responsibility.

Let’s suppose we have a classic 5-reels slot machine, with each reel showing four symbols at a time. At the end of the spin, there will be 20 symbols on the screen and all the winning combinations of these symbols will be determined by the paylines of the machine. These paylines may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or zig-zag: it all depends on the number of those paylines that are active in the game you are playing.

The way those paylines works, therefore, depends on the slot we are dealing with and it could vary a lot between different machines. Every game has its own set of rules, which not only determines how much money are we going to potentially win but also the chances of winning.

There are two main types of slot machines’ paylines: single payline and multi-paylines.


Single payline slot machines for casual players seeking some relaxing time.

As the name suggests, in this type of slot machine there is only a single payline. There is one single chance of winning and very often the line to be checked is the middle horizontal one. 

The positive side of the type of slot machines set up with this single payline method is the simplicity of use: it will allow the player not to have too many distractions on the reels and to always understand exactly how much he has won and the way the game worked. In addition to that, this type of payline is usually used on slot machines that are set up to give out small but fairly frequent wins.

Single-payline slot machines are extremely simple games, the perfect choice if you want to spend a few minutes of relaxation doing something that does not engage the mind too much.


Multi-paylines slot machines for players who want some good casino action.

These are nowadays the most common slot machines. There are many different types of these slots, all with varying numbers of paylines. Some may have up to 40 or 50 different paylines that trigger the prizes, which only adds to the player’s interest.

Having as many paylines as possible also gives the player new ways to directly influence the outcome of the game: by switching on or off those paylines, they give the player the chance to make a strategic choice based on the moment of the game or their bankroll.

The paylines of multi-line slot machines are usually visible on the sides of the game reels. You should be able to easily understand if a payline is on and be ready to switch it off or vice versa. Very often, if you pass over them with the mouse, the winning line will be highlighted on the reels, giving you all the information you need to try and win some good prizes.

Of course, the fact of having numerous lines could lead to some initial confusion. Sometimes you will witness a winning spin without really understanding what combination has activated the payout line and its prize. Some other times you will think that a particular combination you see on the screen will activate your prizes when they really won’t. And it could even happen that you accidentally turn off a payline which will appear after the following spin!

With patience and practice, anyway, you will be able to tame even the most complex slot machines. After all, having more paylines only increases the pathos and the excitement at every spin! Considering all the different possible combinations triggered by quite a lot of symbols, the multi-line slot machines are often the most well graphically designed ones, which only adds to their beauty.


Final thoughts.

Understanding the basics behind some of the most popular casino games will certainly help you in your venture into online casinos. If you know what you are dealing with, you can always have a better chance at finding the perfect game that fits you the most.

Of course, knowing how paylines activate or deactivate does not mean you will win 100% of the time but will give you a good strategic weapon to win as much as possible!