Your Ultimate Checklist to A Good Wedding DJ

By Mitch Rice

The wedding season is around the corner. Couples are looking for ways to make their weddings magical and tear-jerking. You, too, should make your wedding epic. You should make the reception area magical. Still more, the right music will make the day even thrilling. That’s why you need the right DJ on your side. Here are a few checklists to help you choose the right wedding DJ hire in Sydney.

Pronounce Names

Your wedding requires a proper introduction. Thus, it’s important to decide who will do the introduction. If you decide to go for a DJ, then the names should be pronounced right. Here, consider asking your DJ to pronounce phonetic spellings, especially those who are going to attend the party. In particular, give him/her unusual names to pronounce. Choose a DJ who can get this process right.


Picking the playlist is also an important part of any wedding. You should have your preferred songs. Equally, you can ask your guests about the songs they like. Pay close attention to the songs for the first dance. The DJ should select songs that make people comfortable. Also, select mother/son dance songs, cutting cake songs, etc. A good DJ should propose easy but exciting songs for these sessions. He/she should play the right song for the right occasion. The DJ should get it right with the timing. Thus, sit down with your DJ and analyze the playlist. Agree on most parts before the wedding day.

Song Requests

The context also matters most. That’s why the DJ should evaluate the context before granting song requests. For instance, middle-aged people will be thrilled with songs like Hot In Here. On the other hand, your mother will love a song like Stevie Wonder.  

Songs That Should Be Played

The DJ might consider taking requests from your guests. In this case, off-limit songs. However, both of you should discuss taking requests from your guests during the wedding day. It’s important to permit your DJ to take requests. Plus, the DJ should inform the guests of the songs, not in his/her playlist. However, be particular when it comes to language preferences. Also, don’t permit excessive songs. They may dilute the playlist.

They Should Transcend Generations

Finding a common ground when it comes to songs for different types of guests is not easy. However, if you can play songs that tend to transcend generations, that will be a great gesture. So, if you want those wedding sure shots, consider investing in intersections.

Focus On the Bride

 This is the day for the bride. Thus, everything should revolve around them. Thus, if they aren’t feeling it, switch to another song. Choose songs that make the bride happy and comfortable. Remember, this is their day. All focus should be on them.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t hire a wedding DJ. Choose a DJ who will make the day memorable. Select a DJ who knows how to wow guests. Use the above checklist to hire the best DJ for your memorable wedding day.