Why Hamilton Broadway Show Is Making History

By Mitch Rice

Hamilton! A musical written and composed by one of the most brilliant minds on Broadway, Lin-Manuel Miranda has gained worldwide attention and popularity. The musical is not just unique and different from the pattern of which other musicals were made but turned out to be one of the best Broadway shows.

Alexander Hamilton is one of the founding fathers of America, and he made lots of impact on the history of America. He was a politician, a statesman, lawyer, economist, military commander, and banker. Hamilton was a great man of wisdom who made a huge impact in his country despite his short-lived life. He was shot in a duel with the then vice president; he died the next day.

Inspired by the biography of Alexander Hamilton, written by Ron Chernow, Miranda composed and wrote a compelling story about Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton was not like other founders of the United States, hence the reason why he is not as popular as the likes of Thomas Jefferson and the rest. The musical Hamilton is a combination of history and the modern-day. The story of an immigrant that put in his all and had to go the extra mile to create a name for himself, he finally became relevant to the society and was even the right-hand man of the then-president George Washington. He was part of the united state’s history, but he was not as popular as others; he was a hero that was not properly recognized as one.

Since the premiere of Hamilton in 2015, it has sparked up lots of interest from different people. Hamilton is not just about an immigrant that had to work twice as hard as others to achieve his goals. It also reflects the life of the immigrants living in the present world. It touched delicate matters like the lives of black people, Latinos, Asians, immigrants, descendants of slaves, and even gender inequality. Hamilton Ignited lots of controversies, it was applauded by most and criticized by some, but in all, it was somewhat of a must-see musical because of how intriguing it is. Everyone that heard about Hamilton, based on the plot of the story, the cast, and the unique nature of the musical, was compelled to see it. The sold-out tickets and the level of turn-ups for the Hamilton Broadway show in different locations showed how much the music was loved and appreciated.

Hamilton is not the regular kind of musical, it consists of rap, hip-hop, blues, and rhythms, and these are not even the only animal and unique things about it. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and other white historical figures were portrayed by Black, Asian, and Latino actors. According to Miranda, the cast of Hamilton was chosen on purpose, to portray a picture of present America. Hamilton represented the people of different color, immigrants, and women; it gave a clear picture of their struggles, feelings, and fears. Miranda stated that getting the Blacks, Latinos, and Asians as the cast for historical white men is a way of pulling the audience into the story and allowing them to leave whatever culture they have about the founding fathers at the door.

Hamilton has won many awards, sold more than a billion dollars tickets, and garnered unimaginable fame and admiration in many countries. Most of those who have seen Hamilton describe it as a revolution. According to some of those who have seen it, Hamilton’s inspiration to do better, as the music represents the legacy, what a person leaves behind for the future generation and how to make the future better for them.

Hamilton is a huge success in the Broadway industry. All the tickets for Hamilton were always sold out, as lots and lots of people wanted to see for themselves the musical that was making so many waves and breaking so many records. Usually, not everyone is interested in musicals, especially the younger generation, but Hamilton made a remarkable exception. The young and old trooped into Broadways to watch the musical performance of Hamilton. The rap and hip-hop in the musical and the captivating storyline captured the heart and attention of the younger audience. Hamilton was telling a story about immigrants and other delicate factors; what better way to pass such a message out than through arts. Hamilton made a great history on Broadway, not just cause of the multiple awards it received but also how it brought so much attention to Broadway.

So far, Hamilton has made three U.S tours, the Hamilton musical US tour dates was in March 2017, the second began in February 2019, and the third in January 2019.

The ability to come it with such an innovative Broadway show places Hamilton as part of history’s top musical composers and writers. Hamilton is a total game-changer. Hopefully, Miranda’s Hamilton will open the door for other innovative acts on Broadway to continue the legacy Hamilton started.

So if you ask why Hamilton Broadway show is making history? The answer to the question is, why shouldn’t it? A musical that was brilliantly and uniquely made for entertaining, teaching history, inspiring people while passing a strong message of how hard work pays, legacy, and unity at the same time. It is captivating and inspirational. Hamilton teaches its audience a lot: there is no height one cannot attain as long as there is determination and dedication. Despite being an immigrant, although he lived a short life, Hamilton was able to create a legacy for himself. He achieved within a short time what many doubles of his age could not achieve throughout their lifetime. He paid attention to every detail, making sure that the intent of the musical was passed across easily.

Hamilton Broadway show, from when it was premiered in 2015, is still making history.