Command Sisters Release New Single “Chameleon” Out Today

Today, the Toronto based musical duo Command Sisters released their highly anticipated new single, “Chameleon” and it’s GREAT.

The brand new track reveals the more vulnerable side to Command Sisters made up of Charlotte and Sarah Command who are known for their bold style and signature sound filled with confidence, seduction and raw truth. Charlotte Command shared, “I wrote Chameleon about the feeling of not belonging or fitting in, and the way you try to change yourself to hide that. I used to let everyone’s opinions define me, which left me feeling like a chameleon changing myself to blend in. There’s a line at the end of the song that’s my favourite; “one day I’ll reveal my beautiful self,” meaning one day I’ll finally accept myself and be true to who I am. I think I’m finally getting there.”

“Chameleon” follows the Alberta-raised and Toronto-based duo’s track “Rain On My Parade” released earlier this year. Since bursting onto the scene Command Sisters have gained a loyal following among critics and fans alike with the undeniably catchy singles, “Steal Your Heart,” “Feel Good,” “Lonely Lullaby,” “I Like It,” and “I Can Do What I Want To,” “Rain on My Parade” and now “Chameleon.” Stay tuned for more news from the Command Sisters in the coming weeks.