4 Actionable Marketing Strategies For Architecture Firms

By Mitch Rice

Marketing sounds like the most difficult thing to people who are not in the marketing world. There are so many amazing architecture firms who have no problem at all claiming their expertise in the marketing world, but they might not be comfortable with marketing their products. 

The truth is that marketing is not tough if you are ready to put in your time. Many proven marketing strategies can help you find better clients and make more money easily. Keep reading this article as we are about to share four amazing marketing strategies for architecture firms! 

Use Proper Graphics

Graphics make an amazing impression when it comes to marketing your services. Proper graphics can help you build a deeper connection with your clients and can help you position yourself the right way. 

Another big reason you should focus on design, especially on Virtual staging, is that it allows you to present your architectural ideas amazingly. Architectural visualization helps others to understand what your project is all about. Prospects find it way easier to get the gist of your idea by looking at the graphics instead of checking out a detailed map. 

Optimize Your Website

What is the first thing that a prospect finds about your business? Your website. A business website helps you stand out of the crowd and provides an amazing opportunity to position your brand in this fast-paced online world. 

There are several ways a business website can help you get more clients. The first thing you can do with your website is optimizing for keywords. Placing appropriate keywords on your web pages helps you rank better in SERPs. You can implement a unique UI on your website to provide your customers a creative and welcoming experience. 

Social Media’s Power

Social Media has exploded in popularity over the last decade. You will find everyone from kids to adults using different social platforms based on their liking. You can use this increased interest in social media for your benefit. 

Using social media, you can easily find more clients interested in architectural design services. Social media groups are a good way to start hunting for clients. The best thing about social media is that people are “Sorted” in a much better way, making it easier to spread your message to the right. You can also run ads on social media to attract more clients. 

Ask For Referrals 

If you have been running your architectural design agency for a long time, you might already have several satisfied previous clients. You can contact these previous clients to find out about new amazing business opportunities.

Many companies think that asking for referrals and relying on “Word of mouth marketing” is not the right option. But the truth is that successful architects always depend on their network for finding new working opportunities. 

A better way of using your referrals for getting clients is providing perks if someone brings you business. For example, you can offer a special dinner to any of your previous clients who bring you a new client. These fun tactics can help you increase your sales and build your unique brand at the same time.