Bless Unleashed How to Level Up Quickly and Rank Up Fast

By Mitch Rice

Bless Unleashed is an MMORPG game, and leveling up is definitely one of the most important things for all players. The main experience acquisition methods in the Bless Unleashed game are mainly divided into the following types: main quest, side quests, blessing quests, oracle quest, prestige quests and union quests and region bosses. After testing, Bless Unleashed’s most recommended way of level up so far is through completing the main story quests, which is the fastest and most convenient way. Today I will bring you some ways to quickly gain experience in the Bless Unleashed gameplay. By the way, when you leveling up, you need Bless Unleashed Star Seed, which is the in-game currency that can resurrect your character should you be put in a near-death situation.

Play the main quest

The main quest in the game is a great source of leveling through much of the game. When you complete the main quest, you will unlock corresponding Dungeons, side quests, Region Quests, Bosses, and extended areas of the World Map. Blessing quests and oracle quest are tasks that must be done at a certain locations in the leveling process. It is not recommended to waste time to do it before the level is reached. Union quests are available every day. Once the level reaches a certain level, it is recommended to do it every day. In a word, if you want to level up fast, the best and fast way is to do main quests to unlock other quests and bosses! And when you complete the main quest, these unlocked contents will give you more chance to acquire more experience.

Side Quests

Doing side quests will reward you with minimal experience, it is not suitable for you if you want to gain experience fast! But doing side quests will reward you with Skill Experience, if you are aiming at getting them, you can do the side quests!

Complete region bosses, regional quests

As we mentioned above, Regional Quests and Bosses can be done after the unlocking of new locations in Bless Unleashed. Regional quests and bosses are great for gaining XP and loot. So, as soon as you unlock new places, finish the Regional quests and Bosses to speed up your leveling. In the battle, you can battle with bosses and land a few blows on them, and then you will reward you with a large number of XP.

Take on enemies solo

When you defeat enemy with a fellow player in Bless Unleashed, the reward of XP will be shared by you and your partner! So, to get the higher XP, you are recommended to take down an opponent on your own as you will gain the most amount of XP. In a word, sharing of XP slows leveling up, taking down enemies’ solo is encouraged.

Through the above experience acquisition methods, we can plan our own leveling route. The main way we can use to rank up is completing the main task, and the side quests, region bosses can be done as the supplement. It is waste time to do the side quests and region bosses in the early stage of the game for that it will give you the low XP!

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