Top Festival Accessories for Your Next Trip

By Mitch Rice

From Coachella to Lollapalooza, the country is filled with music festivals that can give you some of the best memories you’ll ever make. Avid festival goers have their own culture, and you might find that being in a massive crowd, sharing the experience of listening to amazing live music, is the most connected and alive you’ve felt in a long time. Many attendees eagerly wait all year to get back in the action and spend a few blissful days taking in the ambience and soaking in music from their favorite artists, making new friends and connecting with others along the way.

If you’re planning on attending a festival this year, it’s essential to bring all the right gear. It can be tough trying to navigate a festival ground packed with thousands of people, especially if you’re in search of some staples that you could have brought along yourself. For first-time festival goers and returning visitors, here are some of the top festival accessories you should nab.

A Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated is festival safety 101. You’ll need ample H20 if you’re spending time under the sun, dancing your heart out and losing water through sweat. Rather than carrying around bottles, you can use a water pack to drink water on the go without stopping. A mouthpiece attached to the pack allows you to quickly sip and re-hydrate no matter where you are. You can choose a backpack or waist pack model, though the latter typically only has room for a single bottle. Your best bet is to buy a backpack that has anti-theft, anti-leak technology and an easily accessible reservoir to make water lines a breeze.

A Dry Herb Vape

Most music festivals allow you to vape freely on the grounds, just not inside any tents or pop-ups. It’s a simple pleasure to enjoy some epic music with your favorite CBD or THC blend. A dry herb vape is different from a vape pen. Instead of extracting oils from the herb, it pulls flavor right from the source. You can shop for a portable dry herb vape online in this collection.

High-Quality Sunglasses

You’ll have to protect your eyes from all the lights, flashes and general sun exposure, but you don’t have to skimp on style. There are plenty of sunglasses with great UV protection, and you can also look into polarized styles that prevent glare. Make sure that you don’t skimp on the ultraviolet light blockage, though. Hours under the sun with no protection can do serious damage to your vision.


You want to hear the music, so why would you wear earplugs? The noise at a festival can become overwhelming, and listening to sounds at high decibels for hours could result in permanent hearing loss. When the bass starts to build up, pop in a pair of good plugs. You’ll be able to enjoy the music just as well, but you’ll be protecting your eardrums from any serious damage in the future. Look for brands that make earplugs for music festivals or large events. These are the best ones to invest in as they’re tailored to provide a strong barrier without compromising your experience.