Why Writing is Important in a Career

By Mitch Rice

Writing as a fundamental is important for everyday life and for life in the workforce. It is one of the most efficient ways to get into contact with someone in this day and age, with the main innovation of emails and the internet. To know how to write is to know how to speak. Without an understanding of writing how could one have an understanding of the spoken language?

It is a building block, which is why many great speeches are first written out, and those that are not are spoken by those who possess the knowledge of the written word. To have an understanding of writing is to also have an understanding of reading, to understand the final product one must be able to build it. We, in our everyday life, read for lack of a better word, a lot. From the street signs saying “Do Not Enter”, to the daily news about politics, and puppy dogs. Especially at work, from emails sent from a coworker about a party later that week, to a text from the boss asking you to come in the following day. These examples, though different, have something in common, they are written out.

Now that was rather obvious, but when it comes to work one must communicate, if not through spoken word, then by written word, and in the workplace there are many more formalities that need to be deciphered. Because of this formality it becomes harder to pick out the main message, a knowledge in writing makes this easier. “Understanding writing is also having a sort of emotional intelligence in the sense that one can usually conclude what the tone of the writing is based on a few short phrases, so understanding that your boss may be angry with you without them having to outright tell you, as per workplace formalities, would give you an indication of something went wrong and should be fixed, or that you might have to be nicer at the next meeting,” explains Peter Jacobs, an essay writer at APA Outline and Synthesis Essay Outline.

Regardless, writing is a building block of understanding, something that is necessary when working anywhere, communication is key for a society to function as a whole. Being able to write is also important because it helps others identify mistakes, and better come to conclusions in an effective manner. It is also important to get directions across to different members of a given team, which in any case would require formatting, something that should come with an understanding of writing.

Being able to effectively write memos that are quick and easy to understand is fundamental to running anything, and writing allows us to do that. “As well as an understanding, writing also provides a way to speak to those who cannot speak, such as the deaf, and people who might be mute,” opines Jessica Wright, a professional writer at BeeStudent and Paper-Research. It provides a bridge for people who may not be able to communicate by word of mouth which could be fundamental for getting new ideas and perspectives on a new project, or even something as simple as building a schedule.

The written word is fundamental for society, as being one of the most effective means of communication from a distance, as well as a way to get ideas to a number of people without losing the message, like a game of telephone. It also implies an understanding of the spoken word, emotional tones, and provides a bridge for those who might not be able to speak.