The Best Movies About Firefighters

By Mitch Rice

There are a lot of modern firefighting films that people, as well as critics, love. There are also casinos like gg bet, where people can enjoy firefighting movies and also play on the side. Here are our top picks for the best movies about firefighting: 

Ladder 49

This is a movie that narrates the life of a rookie ladder man Jack Morrison. The story unfolds as to how Jack Morrison grows in ranks in his firefighting department. The story also touches on different aspects of Jack Morrison’s path towards finding answers to his dilemmas.  


The movie Hellfighters narrates the story of Chance Buckman, who was the head of the firefighting outfit. The story touches on the ups and downs of the life of Chance Buckman and his journey. At first, critics gave a bad review of this movie but later on, people started understanding what actually unfolds in the story. John Wayne, who played the lead role as Chance Buckman, does justice to the character with his incredible performance. As a whole, you might either love this story or hate it. 

Only the Brave

This is one of the best-written stories based on firefighting. The story revolves around Granite Mountain Hotshots that passed away during the 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire. The story reveals the true nature and the emotions that the firefighters carry and their performances in the wildland-urban interface and the forests across America. The journey depicted in the movie is worth the time and also teaches a few lessons about hard work and life to the audiences. 

Crash landing: The Rescue of Flight 232

The movie is based on non-fictional incidents and the happenings of flight 232 from the US city Denver to Chicago. The story narrates the last moments and the aftermath of the flight crashing within an emergency landing in 1989. The perspectives of the ground rescue workers and the emotions of the firefighters form the main crux of the storyline. 


The movie Backdraft is based on the story of the Hoff brothers. Brothers Stephen and Brian, played by William Baldwin and Kurt Russel, steal the show. The story revolves around these two firefighting brothers who are put on duty together, their travel to find out a conspiracy by a politician, and the struggle to crack the case to overcome their fears. 

Fire! Trapped on the 37th Floor

Here we have a TV premiere movie. This is a true story based on the Los Angeles First Interstate Bank building getting caught on fire in May 1988. In 1988, The Los Angeles First Interstate Bank building was considered to be the tallest building. The smoke alarms in the building malfunction, allowing the fire to spread uncontrollably and rapidly. Directed by Robert Day and released in 1991, Fire! Trapped on the 37th Floor is considered to be one of the best firefighting TV premiered movies so far.