5 Major Differences Of Classroom Headphones From Others

By Mitch Rice

Ever wondered if the headphones you wear at home are the same as the headphones you wear in class?

Most people think that the headphones we use to listen to our home devices with are the same as the headphones used in a classroom. This is not the case. headphones used in a classroom environment need to be safety approved for use by your children. They have different sets of controls and different uses from those you might use at home. They do not have the same features as gaming headsets and other types of headphones.

Here are five major differences between classroom headphones and other types of headphones you may have used in the past.

The 5 Biggest Differences Between Classroom Headphones and Other Headsets

still differences between classroom headphones and other headsets. Here are five of the most prominent.

1 – Volume Controls

Headphones that are created for use in the classroom have volume controls that are different from those on other headsets. Headphones used in the classroom have volume limitation systems in built into the device. This simply means that they cannot go above a certain volume. They have this system because headphones can damage children’s hearing overtime. There are volume-controlled headphones for classrooms available on BarksTech.com.

2 – They are Tougher

School headphones are built for extra durability. They are made to be durable so that they last a long time. A tougher headphone means thicker leather and improved build quality. They are built for function instead of design, because of this. They are tougher but less pleasant to look at as a result.

3 – Mono/Stereo Sound

Classroom headphones do not have the multiple sound capabilities found in top of the range headphone models. If you want something the likes of what PewDiePie uses, you will not find them in a classroom. However, you will find mono or stereo options for each headset pair. Be sure you know what type of sound system your audio equipment in school uses before you bulk buy loads of headsets.

4 – Noise Reduction

All models of classroom headphones require noise reduction in the background, but not all have them. If you want to reduce the background noise and therefore improve the kid’s focus during lessons, opt for a product like the Barks headphones sets. These come with the ability to tune out background distractions, helping those with processing disorders to make better sense of their learning experience.

5 – Come with Warranties

One of the best things about classroom headphones is that they come with warranties against product defects. If you want to protect against wear and tear or damage over time, then you should add your audio equipment to your insurance policies within school grounds. This can help you to get your money back, should something go wrong.

Further Headphone Advice

Some sets of classroom headphones are sold in bulk, usually in packs of ten or more at a time. If buying in bulk, invest in a sample pack to start you off with before you blow your whole budget.

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