What is NFT Music?

By Mitch Rice

Streaming is not the prime source of income for musicians anymore. In 2021, they discovered another excellent way to make money with the help of their art. Selling music NFTs has become a trending way to build a strong community in a trending industry and go directly to the fans. How does it work? Let figure it out.

The first question that should be clarified is, “What is NFT music?” NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. They contain digital information – from simple drawings to intricate video game subjects. NFT implies an individual audio file and is akin to a certificate of authenticity when it comes to the music industry.

The OpenSea marketplace is the best place for creating NFT audio files and making money. The process of minting is relatively simple. No wonder this website is viral among artists from all over the globe. So, how to create NFT music? First, you are to take the following steps:

  • Register an OpenSea account. To start using the platform, it’s necessary to install a Metamask app and purchase ETH coins.
  • Press the “Create” button. You have to upload your audio file, cover your song, enter the title and description. It’s also possible to add a link to your website,
  • List your NFT. After you press “Sell,” you are to define the desirable price for your piece of art.

Selling NFTs is wildly profitable while allowing artists to reach a wider audience. Buying NFTs is also better for music fans, while tokens are available for everyone. Moreover, although they are not free, the prices are rather attractive.

Top NFT Collections in the Music Industry

More and more musicians discover the answer to the question “What is NFT in music?” The number of available collections is mounting every day. There are copious platforms that offer you both to buy and sell music NFTs. The assortment is vast. It’s pretty challenging to make the right choice. Below you find the most famous and most extensive collections worthy of your attention.


It provides you with a unique, infinite music stream directly in your browser. The price is available for everyone. At the moment, the number of owners is over 2 600.


The collection encompasses stems, hooks, and beats from EP, Opera Noir.


This collection is all over the news. It’s on the top of the most expensive NFT music collections chart. It costs about $7 million.

Kings of Leon

It’s a good choice for the fans of rock. The collection is worth every coin. By the way, this band was one of the first NFT music pioneers.


The price of the collection is $1,78 million. It encompasses not only audio but also video files.

Whether you are a famous artist or an up-and-coming one, you want to know where you can sell your digital pieces of art. At the same time, your fans desire to discover where to buy NFT music. TopNFTCollections.com is an excellent example of an online platform where you can get acquainted with new NFT collections, catch recent trends, or find out the best way to invest money in the promising digital art elements.

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