7 Fashion Designers Who Redefined the Women Fashion

By Mitch Rice

Women fashion has transformed from being somber and prim to becoming funky and loud. Today, a woman can wear a dress decorated with custom embroidered patches and still look the hottest.

However, the history of fashion has undergone several stages before it reached the zenith. In all these years, the colors of women fashion have changed and a big part of this change owes to some of the famous fashion designers.

Since these fashion designers have redefined the feminine fashion, we put them up in this list to make a case of their contribution in women fashion.

1.    Coco Chanel

The history of feminine fashion regards Coco Chanel as a genius designer who changed the rules of women dressing. She turned the tables for the women fashion at a time when it was considered a taboo. She designed outfits that were not conventional of the time between the 1920s and 1950s.

She introduced new designs and cuts that freed the women from form-fitting dresses of the time. Her “Little Black Dress” became the most iconic dress that women still love to wear. She introduced another staple product “Chanel No. 5” as a perfume that became part of the wardrobe of every woman soon after its release.

And then came the strapped 2.55 handbag that liberated the women from carrying the handbag in their hands. The rich legacy of Coco Chanel in feminine fashion makes her the most celebrated fashion designer in women clothing and she retains the title even today.

2.    Christian Dior

Christian Dior is known as the king of couture in women fashion. Since he launched his first designs in 1946, he kept reinventing the women style with his original ideas that focused on the highlighting the physique of women. He created designs that closely fit the body of women and emphasized their femininity.

His patent products included the skirts with shorter hemline, the wasp-waisted dresses and outfits with small shoulders. This style of women clothing got an increased popularity after World War II and the fashion critics called it “The New Look.” These new designs by Christian Dior were liked by women of all ages and he became their most loved designer.

He is also a perfume maker and has manufactured some of the best fragrances for women. Among the many fragrances, the Dior Hypnotic Poison, Poison Girl Eau De Parfum, and Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming are some of his best-selling perfumes that women love to wear. Today, Christian Dior enjoys the same popularity among the modern women as he did in his early years.

3.    Mary Quant

Mary Quant is known in fashion book as the lady who infused the Mod fashion in female apparels during the 1960s. She is credited with designing the miniskirt which is known as the most defining fashion item of the ladies. Her idea of clothing is modern and racy and it is evident in her line of clothing that largely stresses on the body of the women.

Thanks to Mary Quant, the miniskirt and hot pants became two of the most revolutionary clothing pieces of the 1960s and she went on to become the symbol of modern women fashion. The media named her designs “The Chelsea Look.” She is a favorite designer of the many famous fashion celebrities and Hollywood stars.

4.    Vivienne Westwood

1970s is known as the era of punk, Sex Pistols and rock music and Vivienne Westwood infused the shades of all these Punk culture in her clothing pieces that were created for the women. From orange hairstyle, studded leather jackets with custom velcro patches to bondage apparels and platform shoes, she introduced the punk-inspired clothing to the women.

The name of Vivienne Westwood is synonymous with the punk era of the 1970s and her products still has the elements of the punk. She is regarded as one of the most influential female designers who changed the course of women fashion during the 1970s era.

5.    Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel earned the title of “Queen of Knits” due to her eye-catching sweaters and cardigans that she made for the ladies. She rose to fame when a supermodel donning a sweater under the label of her brand was featured on the cover of “Elle.”

Her sweaters became particularly famous for the body-hugging style and higher armholes. Sonia Rykiel is credited with being the first designer who started using the seam on outer parts of a garment. She also started the trend of printing letters on the sweaters.

6.    Betsey Johnson

The lady behind some of the most outrageous female outfits of the 1970s, the name of Betsey Johnson is common in the circles of fashion celebrities, Hollywood stars and socialites who like to experiment with their dressing sense. She has redefined the women fashion by using a concoction of ideas that inspired the taste of modern women.

She triggered a new street fashion trend for the women that was fresh, trendy and stylish. She made use of the metallic and vinyl materials in the clothing and used the quirky patterns in her dresses. These ideas breathed a new life to women fashion and they got a liking among the fashionistas.

Betsey Johnson is also known for introducing the cartwheel stunts in her ramp shows. She has remained one of the top designers that women aspire to wear.

7.    Stella McCartney

Some people are born with a special talent and Stella McCartney is one of them. Besides, when you are the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney, you have to be an extraordinary talent. Stella McCartney had a fascination for fashion right from her childhood. She made her first design when she was just 13. So we now know that what makes her such a big name in the fashion world.

Stella McCartney is known for her support of animal rights. She firmly believes in environmental safety and makes sure that her clothing products are made by following the environmental-friendly practices. She has collaborated with organizations like PETA to make apparels that use the animal-free alternatives in the production.

Her clothes are completely eco-friendly and yet stylish to accentuate the beauty of women. She is one of the biggest female brands from UK and has stores in every continent.

These are some of the designers who changed the rules of women fashion. They are known for their ingenuity, originality and sense of aesthetic. Some use embroidered patches to modify their clothing designs. Do you want to od it yourself? If so, just find a patch creator who can make embroidered patches for your dress, denim jacket, denim jeans, hoodies or leather jacket. A good custom patch maker will definitely help you create unique dresses.