The Risk Associated with Playing in a Casino Without a License in Poland

By Mitch Rice

Online gambling in all its forms is becoming incredibly popular in Poland. As far as casino games are concerned, online casinos without a license are actually turning into mainstream platforms. 

However, are these providers really worth the greater risk? There are actually a few things to consider here.

Casinos Without a License 

Playing in a popular among Poles “kasyno płatność sms”, means that it will have an offshore license – given that there aren’t any Polish casino licenses. As a player, you thus have access to an extensive range of games and can also often benefit from significantly larger bonus offers. 

On top of that, these providers are often casinos without limits in terms of wagering or the amount of deposits.

If we cross over into unlicensed territory, then we will find even more exuberant offers. However, this is because at the end of the day, the platform has to make players forget that there are no regulations or authorities present.

So, don’t be surprised to see welcome promotions that are three times bigger than in licensed casinos. An unlicensed casino will do everything to get your attention, which can be a great danger.

How Legal Are Casinos Without a License Anyway? 

Now, of course, the question arises as to how a casino without a license can be legal in Poland at all. In fact, this question is more complicated than one would think. 

The operators of casinos without a decent license like to argue here with the principle of freedom of services, which is one of the fundamental rights within the European Union. 

According to this principle, a company may offer its services throughout the EU as long as it is authorized to do so in a single EU member state. 

Following this interpretation, an online casino, for example, with an online gambling license from Malta, may also offer its real money casino games in Poland. Whether this view will prevail in court is doubted by many legal experts. 

Nevertheless, there is another aspect here. Is a player allowed to play in a casino without a license or does this make him liable to prosecution? Here the answer is a bit clearer. As long as you play in a casino with an EU license, you are legally on the safe side as a player. 

This leads to the strange situation that operating online casinos without a Polish license is possibly punishable but playing in a casino without a license is perfectly legal. 

You indirectly take another risk as a player. If such an online casino is suddenly closed due to illegal gambling, what happens to the deposited money? 

What Does a Casino Without a License Have to Offer? 

A casino without a license always brings a greater risk with it. However, many players seem to think that the better offer is more than worth the risk. So, what do non-licensed gambling providers have to offer that regular casinos cannot? 

Particularly tempting here is the aforementioned range of games. An online casino without any license for example, can offer all sorts of games – even the ones that don’t have an RNG software. 

As a no-limit casino, these providers are also allowed to accept higher wagers and larger deposits. However, the biggest issue is that these casinos can actually do whatever they please – since no one’s after them, once things turn sour.

Data and information are provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended for investment or other purposes.